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Join us for the 2022 Powered By Rock A27 Day Charity Golf Classic!

The A27 Day Charity Golf Classic started out as a tradition among friends in 2002 in Eugene, OR. A group of college students decided that they needed a break between spring break and summer break as there are very few holidays, and the pressures of school work, holding down a job, socializing and final exams weighed heavy on their minds in the spring term.

Thus, a random date on the calendar was picked – April 27th, 2002! But how would this ever become a real holiday to be celebrated by the masses? Well, it had to have an official holiday name. This was the dawn of “April 27th Day.” .

The rules became simple to follow – join up as many of your friends as possible for a day of revelry on the golf course and continue on as long as you could before succumbing to a peaceful slumber.

The group of friends have celebrated in person about 80% of the following years even though they all live in different places now. It is now time to share this holiday with even more people, and in doing so, bring a charitable aspect to the fun.

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