In the Spotlight - Season 2 - Ep. 1 with Tim Kasher of Cursive - A Powered By Rock Podcast Short

I bring Tim Kasher from Cursive and The Good Life In The Spotlight to ask him such questions as what are his favorite active bands, what would he say to God if he met it/him/her, and what's worse living in Omaha, Nebraska or Los Angeles California!

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Questions from this In The Spotlight Interview with Tim Kasher:

1 - What are some of Tim Kasher's favorite bands that are active right now?

2 - Tim Kasher constantly writes about the struggles of having been born and raised in Omaha, but now that he lives in L.A. does he have more or less frustration in his life?

3 - Would Tim Kasher rather write a song about his feelings or tell someone how he is feeling directly?

4 - Is there anything that Tim Kasher has yet to accomplish in his life that he still dreams of doing?

5 - If there is a God, and Tim Kasher gets to meet that being. What would he say to it?

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