Our Story

Powered By Rock is an American born musical accessories and media company started by lifelong rock 'n' roll fan and musician, Isaac Kuhlman.

After years of being an avid guitar player, singer, songwriter, drummer, and even hopping on bass as needed, it became a true passion to create rock music. However, the gear that top pros used didn't always justify the price.

Our belief is that the vast majority of musicians are looking for musical accessories that are great in quality but also offered at a great price. We also strive to bring great rock music content to our own fans and followers.

This is how Powered By Rock came into existence.

A true passion project to make sure that everyday musicians can get their gear at affordable costs, read great articles, listen to great content, AND have an awesome brand to show off to their friends, family and fans. 

We're Powered By Rock, and we are the musical gear company for rockers by rockers!