Our Story

Powered By Rock is a rock and roll based company from Las Vegas, Nevada focusing on promoting and supporting rock bands of all shapes and sizes through a podcast, blog, social media, and ecommerce products.

Poweredbyrock.com and the Powered By Rock line of musical accessories side of the company was founded in 2020, and within a couple of months, The Powered By Rock Podcast was started to help highlight independent rock musicians and their music.

The momentum has steamrolled into growing the live concert side of our photo-journalism team along with creating a training program for indie musicians to grow their music careers in a more sustainable way called The DIY Rock Career.

In just a few short years of jumping back into the rock music scene head first, Powered By Rock has established great working relationships with musicians (and bands), labels, press companies, booking agents, promoters, venues, journalists, photographers, and other people around the rock scene in Vegas and elsewhere.

The goal is simple - help support a better way for rock musicians to create a career from their music while having fun and creating a beneficial relationship among everyone.

By serving the rock community at large and locally in an unselfish manner, we see a way to right the massive injustices of the music industry, and we see a way for everyone involved to prosper.