How to Restring Your Guitar in 8 Simple Steps (using the Locking Method)

Restringing a guitar can be a bit of a tedious task - especially if you broke a string during a jam session or live gig.

But, using the Powered By Rock Guitar Restringing Tool, it is a lot easier and quicker than ever before.

We are going to take you through each step of how to restring your guitar properly, and we are going to be showing you the Locking Method which many guitar players agree is a bit faster and helps keep the guitar stay in tune better.

Standard restringing is totally fine as well, but let's show you this technique in case you aren't aware of it.

You'll see how you can restring your guitar like a pro.

Step 1 - Take your current string(s) off the guitar

  • For an electric guitar this is quite easy as you unwind the tuning peg and feed the string out of the tuning peg through the bridge.
  • For an acoustic guitar, you will need to use the Bridge Pin Puller on the 3-in-1 Restringing Tool to get the pins from holding the string down. Then, you will unwind your string and remove it from the tuning knob.

Step 2 - Place the string in the bridge and run it down to the tuning knob (for acoustic guitars, put the bridge pin back into the bridge) 

Step 3 - (Optional) Use a pencil to rub some graphite on the nut slot so it protects it from damage.

Step 4 - Set the tuning knob to run perpendicular to the fretboard, and run the string through the tuning knob and bend it back to parallel with the rest of the string

Step 5 - Then run the short end of the string sideways underneath the rest of the string and bend the string across the entry point of the string into the tuning knob.

Step 6 - Using the String Winder from the 3-in-1 Guitar Restringing Tool, wind the tuning knob until your string has gotten most of the slack out of it.

Step 7 - Using the String Cutter from the 3-in-1 Guitar Restringing Tool, cut the excess string from the end of the tuning knob (do NOT cut the string that is running from the bridge along the fretboard at all).

Step 8 - Tune the string to its proper note, and give the strings a bit of a tug to make sure the string is set in the tuning knob and bridge.

If you haven't got a 3-in-1 Guitar Restringing Tool, then we highly recommend grabbing one to make this job so much easier.

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