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Mercy Music (Las Vegas, NV)

Mercy Music is a 3-piece pop-rock band with heavy punk influences that has been highly regarded as one of the best bands under the radar of mainstream attention. They have opened for bands like The Descendents, Lagwagon, Rise Against, and MXPX and played at festivals like Punk In The Park and Attention Fest (to name just a few of their credentials).

Singer Brenden Scholz originally put the music together as an acoustic, solo act, but after missing the energy of a full band recruited long time friend and band mate, Jarred Cooper to play bass and eventually landed Rye Martin on drums.

The combination is an incredible live show that has top-notch professional sound and performance, and their songs are meaningful and filled with big hooks that will leave you wanting to belt out singing while jumping around.


Decent Criminal (Santa Rosa, CA)

Decent Criminal is a punk/alternative rock band from Santa Rosa, California. Brothers Tristan Martinez (guitar, lead vocals) and Hunter Martinez (drums) are joined by Brian Gellman (guitar, vocals) and Alex Kouninos (bass, vocals).

They have been pumping out great music since their debut self-titled album dropped in 2016, and they put out one of the best albums of all time with their sophomore release, Bloom

Of course, they followed that up with Bliss in 2019 and the "DC EP" in March of 2021.

The next album for Decent Criminal is scheduled to be released in 2022. Keep your eyes peeled for that release as it is going to be another banger.


Radical Radical (Orange County, CA)

Radical Radical is the musical brainchild of Adam Lohrbach (formerly of Home Grown, New Year's Day) which developed after Lohrbach turned 40 and started giving himself a real hard look in the mirror.

Starting from poetry and lyrics, the project really started to turn into the musical side shortly before and during the pandemic, and the release of the debut album I Feel Like I Want To came out in 2021 - winning Best New Artist from The Powered By Rock Music Awards.

Lohrbach enlisted some friends to help him grow the sound and play the music live with Russ Dixon on drums, Anthony Barro on rhythm guitar and Taylor Schwab on lead guitar. The band is a bit of a funny coincidence as it has 3 bass players but 2 converted to guitar for the band (sort of the opposite from most bands).

Raised On TV (Los Angeles, CA)

Raised on TV is an indie rock band from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, CA, that was formed by brothers Keaton Rogers and Kacey Greenwood in 2016. They have toured and played numerous venues and festivals all across North America, and have opened for established bands such as Jefferson Starship, Marcy Playground, Sponge, and Green Jello.

They embrace the wildly varying and fun nature that comes with being an indie rock band, playing a giant festival stage one night, and a backyard college party the next.

We were first introduced to the band back in January of 2021, and we have been fans ever since. Raised On TV has released 3 albums to date (Season 1, Season 2, Fernando) with plans for a fourth album coming in 2022 or early 2023. 


URETHANE (San Diego, CA)

Urethane is an American pop punk band hailing from San Diego county. Formed during a pandemic in the winter of 2021. The group’s line-up consists of vocalist/guitarist Tim Fennelly (War Fever), guitarist Steve Caballero (The Faction/Odd Man Out), bassist Chad Ruiz (Skipjack) and drummer Dylan Wade (ex The Bombpops).

Their musical roots dive deep into Punk rock and Melodic hardcore. Urethane’s music emphasizes catchy choruses and melodic hooks that range from mid-tempo anthemic ballads to aggressively fast bangers reminiscent of legends No Use for a Name, Bad Religion and NOFX. Lyrically, the songs are a roller coaster of themes that touch on personal struggles, failures and disappointments that deal with emotional and spiritual identities as well as addressing environmental and societal destruction.

The band's debut album produced and recorded by Cameron Webb and was released on Cyber-Tracks Records in Fall 2021.


Nights Like Thieves (San Diego, CA)


Nights Like Thieves is a melodic, emo, punk, rock, alternative band based out of Southern California featuring four musicians with a longstanding history in the punk/rock scenes in both Southern California and New Mexico.

Their sound varies from an upbeat, intricate, and melodic vibe to a slower, more rhythmic, and emotionally charged pace. The lyrical content is a prevalent factor in what defines the Nights Like Thieves catalog.

Through the combined years of experience of all band members, they function like a well-oiled machine on stage and know how to bring an impressive and engaging live performance.

Nights Like Thieves' current lineup consists of guitarist and vocalist, Mario Rivera, Matthew Ainsworth (lead guitar), Steven Smith (bass), and Keoki Lanza (drums).

They are always releasing new music. So, go check them out now.


Taken Days (Orange County, CA)


Taken Days is a SoCal pop punk band that's inspired by 90's and early 2000's punk rock, emo and pop punk. 

Taken Days signed with Wiretap Records in December of 2020 to release their debut full length record Every Second... in March 2021.

That record is a great example of how pop punk is alive and well even now. Earlier releases by the band include "Ten More Miles" EP 2018 and "Nowhere Slowly" EP 2017.

Taken Days has opened and played with some big time punk acts such as Lagwagon, Voodoo Glow Skulls, and more. I already know you are going to be a fan if you like pop punk!


Crossing I's Dotting T's (Orange County, CA)

Crossing I's Dotting T's is an emo/alternative rock band from Orange County, California that has put out one self-titled EP in 2021, and a couple of new singles since then.

In doing so, the band has created one of my favorite new songs with their hit, "All Feelings Aside."

Crossing I's Dotting T's is a band that has had a few lineup changes over the years, but lead singer/guitarist Matthew Mucerino keeps things moving forward in a powerful way as showcased with their latest single to date, "You."


The Dreaded Laramie (Nashville, TN)

The Dreaded Laramie is an indie-rock band from Nashville, Tennessee that has put out two EP's to date with their latest release "Everything a Girl Could Ask" in May of 2022.

The band is full of passion, energy, and they are an incredibly intelligent band when it comes to their songwriting and composition. 

You can check out their original EP as well (titled "The Dreaded LarmiE.P.") to see how they have molded from a college rock act into a power pop-rock act that is about to grow even more in the coming year.


Dropped Out (Austin, TX)

Dropped Out is a pop-punk band from Austin, TX that recently put out their 3rd full-length album titled Get Lost! 

We loved the album and gave it a perfect 5.0 star rating! It is a must listen for pop-punk fans, and you can read the review as well.

The band consists of Dave (lead guitar/vocals), Tron (drummer) and Ryan (bass).

They are signed to Otitis Media Records out of Corpus Christi, Texas, and their music is an amalgamation of great punk music over the years.


Old Cross (Portland, OR)


Old Cross is a 3 piece melodic punk rock band out of Portland, Oregon that can play some REALLY catchy anthems and get a room hyped up or, as they tend to do at times, bring the show together for a good old fashioned hug fest.

These gents have a sound that is inspired by some of the early 2000's bands like Rise Against. Their latest album Daggers is a certifiable banger. Make sure to go check it out!

Safari Room (Nashville, TN)

Safari Room is an indie rock band, assembled in Nashville, TN, but born elsewhere. With a keenness on human connection as a founding cornerstone, the band is characterized by ambient soundscapes, intricate rhythms, baritone-led falsetto vocals, crunchy guitars and introspective lyrical content. Touring the U.S. far and wide, Safari Room has established themselves as one of Nashville’s most intriguing and personal rock bands.

Safari Room’s sound has been compared to The National, Death Cab for Cutie, Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes. All comparisons find them perfectly adjacent to some of the most engrossing and experimental indie rock bands playing today.

The band has put out two really good LP's already in Look Me Up When You Get There and 2022's Complex House Plants. Make sure you check these guys out if you like good lyrics with great music.


Record Year (Los Angeles, CA)

Record Year is a pop-punk/indie rock band out of Los Angeles that was set to really do some bigger things until the pandemic hit and cause a 2-year wait for the band. 

They recently released their newest single "You've Got Red On You" in August of 2022, and they have finally gotten back to playing live shows again. 

This band has a loyal following, and they will literally rock your socks off if you see them live. So, you may want to think about lacing your shoes up nice and tight before seeing them at a show!


Elephante King (Las Vegas, NV)

Elephante King (pronounced "elephant king" with a silent e) is a Las Vegas based rock act that combines high energy new era rock like Fitz and the Tantrums mixed with 90's and 2000's rock like The Hives and even older rock music like Pete Townshend, Nirvana, and Talking Heads. As you may suspect from the bands that they have similarities to, you can expect an eclectic but HIGH QUALITY sound from Elephante King.

Also, you can expect to rock your damn face off if you go to one of their live shows as front man Fez Reyes is a live wire waiting to pop off at any moment. 

Elephante King is Fez Reyes (guitar, lead vocals), Knicc Limbs (drums) and Mike West (bass) who are as talented on their respective instruments as they are fun to watch.


The Dollheads (Las Vegas, NV)

The Dollheads are a sibling band from Las Vegas who are all currently in their teens and in high school and middle school. The oldest member is big sister Angela Avery who started writing music when she was in grade school, and then brought her brother Austin into the mix to play drums for her at shows. 

That's when middle sister Samantha decided to join in, and make it a full family band by eventually coming in on bass guitar after a few attempts at other instruments that ultimately didn't fit.

Each member is incredibly skilled in their musicianship with some really talented mentors, and the music is better than most bands who are much older.

Their sound is based in punk and alternative influences from the 90's like Blink-182, Foo Fighters, Green Day and more, and they have been known to throw out incredible covers of songs from Nena ("99 Red Balloons") to Rancid ("Roots Radicals") and other cools songs you can see at their live shows.

They have a brand new album of original songs called What Teenage Angst? that is among the best punk/alternative albums of 2022 that you definitely want to check out if you like good punk and alternative rock music.

The Dollheads are Angela Avery (guitar, vocals), Samantha Avery (bass, backing vocals), Austin Avery (drums).


Elevated Undergrounds (Las Vegas, NV)

Elevated Undergrounds is an incredibly talented and unique sounding band that is built on the grunge and alternative rock genres. The band spans sounds that range from straight up punk rock to experimental art rock, and they do it all really well.

Lead singer Gabbi Fisher belts out insane vocals while the rest of the very musically gifted band create a sonic atmosphere unlike any band you will likely see at a live show. 

Their performances are quintessential rock music with a twist of live theater that succeeds in seducing crowds into the experience. 

For fans of acts like Joan Jett, Nirvana, Hole and even to some extent Marilyn Manson, you will really enjoy this band. Even if you don't like any of those bands, you will probably REALLY enjoy this band, because they do things very much their own way.

Rumor has it that they are working on their debut album as we speak. Stay tuned.

Elevated Undergrounds consists of Gabbi Fisher (vocals, guitar), Fez Reyes (lead guitar, backing vocals), June Tindall (bass), and Joe Kennedy drums).


Pure Sport (Las Vegas, NV)

Pure Sport is a Vegas-based punk/alternative rock band that will have you rocking out of your shoes and jumping up and down with excitement as they belt out banger after banger with high energy in the vein of bands like The Hives and Radkey. 

Their name suggests the band is only in it for fun and games, but their live show will demonstrate their commitment to being all business. Wearing business suits (except in the above photo which was taken from a Halloween show) and using work-related puns in their songs and onstage banter, these guys are going to make sure you are part of the company, Pure Sport LLC.

Post your application by going to one of their shows, and who knows, maybe you'll become part of the company as well.

Make sure to check out their debut EP "Big Business" and lookout for more to come.

Pure Sport is Jared Scott (bass, lead vocals), Justin Tejeda (guitar, backing vocals), and Gage Walker (drums, backing vocals).



SECOS (Las Vegas, NV)

SECOS is an indie alternative rock quartet formed in 2020 from Las Vegas, NV. The COVID-19 pandemic created a window of opportunity for the band to create and release new music.

Since their formation they have released various singles and a full length self-titled album in April 2022. They have gained the media and public's interest by performing at many reputable venues including the Life Is Beautiful Festival, quickly turning them into a staple in the DIY scene.

The band consist of Vocalist/Guitarist David Candelas, Guitarist Jose Becerra, Bassist Sergio Ramirez and Drummer/Back Up Vocalist Joshua Loeza.


Hunter's Briefcase (Las Vegas, NV)

Hunter's Briefcase is a Las Vegas-based experimental rock band that finds a way to fuse classic rock, psych rock, punk and even jazz and funk into a very unique but familiar rock sound that you have to hear and see to believe.

The band is gifted with three incredibly talented musicians with Jake Mendoza on lead guitar and vocals, Carter Woodson on bass guitar and Nick Mendoza on drums.

The band has yet to release a studio effort, but that looks to change in 2023 with new music being recorded and finalized for release.


White Noise (Las Vegas, NV)

White noise is a kick-in-the-teeth rock ‘n’ roll band from Las Vegas. Composed of frontman and guitarist Kaesen Samson, bassist and back up vocalist Nicholas Lacy and drummer Austin Mansfield. These Las Vegas natives are eager to put their skills together to rock the music scene. All three musicians have been chasing the dream of being in a band individually, working relentlessly to perfect their skills on their instruments and having many other bands fall apart. They have now found one another and are eager to give rock ‘n’ roll a whole new meaning, feel and look!

To stay true to themselves and their music, White Noise is an independent band looking to build everything from the ground up. They are looking to give rock ‘n’ roll a boundless experience through passion, grit and meaning with their original music being inspired by real, honest experiences meant to touch the masses. Songs that are meant to sing-along, dance, mosh, rock-out to and even occasionally chill-out and take it down a notch.  

All of their collective hunger, drive, passion and dedication, Kaesen, Nick and Austin are combining all the great aspects of rock ‘n’ roll with a little modern twist, giving you a dopamine-boosting controlled chaos experience that White Noise is!


Peaceful Retreat (Las Vegas, NV)

Peaceful Retreat is an instrumental rock band from Las Vegas that is self-described "ambient space rock" and known to create a big sonic landscape with their music. The band consists of Adam Gonzales on bass, Aleksa Kandic on guitar, Christopher Sanchez on drums and Ginno Sanchez on guitar as well.

The band released an EP called "Genesis" in 2018, and have a big 2023 coming up as they announced a spring tour and will be playing an opening spot for The Appleseed Cast in Las Vegas to kick it off.

If you are into music that lets you float through your own thoughts while being immersed in a sphere of transcendent audio, then I would suggest you check these guys out.