In the Spotlight - Season 2 - Ep. 11 with The Dreaded Laramie - A Powered By Rock Podcast Short

Hey there, it’s Isaac from Powered By Rock here to bring The Dreaded Laramie into the spotlight for a few minutes, and make them sweat with some on-the-spot questions.

Welcome, everyone. Are you ready to be put in the spotlight?

1 - If you guys could go on tour with two other bands, which two bands would you tour with?

2 - We talked about your Weezer fandom in the main podcast, but I am just curious what do each of you consider to be the best Weezer album?

3 - What is your favorite Nashville or Louisville based band that you think should get more attention outside of your band?

4 - Sometimes being in a band can be frustrating, but what do you guys do to try to maintain a happy band as much as possible?

5 - If you could be like Bill and Ted from the movies and write a song that created peace and harmony on Earth, what would the title of that song be?

I want to thank The Dreaded Laramie for stepping In the Spotlight and answering these hot seat questions.

Make sure to go to the show notes below this episode for links to the music and watch our full podcast interview as well!

Rock on!

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