In the Spotlight - Season 2 - Ep. 4 with Marko DeSantis - A Powered By Rock Podcast Short

I bring Marko DeSantis from Sugarcult into the Spotlight to break his brain about what would be the best band of all time (with him in it), and we talk about other things like who is the biggest Prima Donna he has ever worked with and whether or not he would be willing to front a band or do a solo record and sing.

Marko is a veritable walking encyclopedia of rock knowledge and seemingly knows everyone and everything about the last 40 years or so of rock music. 

Sugarcult 20th Anniversary Start Static Links:

Marko on Instagram:

Popsicko Vinyl Release:

Popsicko on Spotify:

Bad Astronaut on Spotify:

Acrophobe Vinyl: 

Houston, We Have a Drinking Problem Vinyl: 

12 Small Steps, One Giant Disappointment Vinyl: 

Newest Single "Wide Awake":

Santa Barbara Independent Article by Marko DeSantis "Marko DeSantis Takes on Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett":

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