In the Spotlight - Season 2 - Ep. 8 with Lee Wright from Monkey Mind - A Powered By Rock Podcast Short

Hey there, it’s Isaac from Powered By Rock here to bring Lee from Monkey Mind into the spotlight for a few minutes, and make them sweat with some on-the-spot questions.

Welcome, Lee. Are you ready to be put in the spotlight?

1 - If you were to have one other career aside from playing music, what would you choose to do?

2 - What was the first song you learned to play on guitar?

3 - What classic English dish is your favorite between a Shepherd's Pie or a Beef Wellington or do you have a different favorite dish of English origin? And how much do you love mushy peas?

4 - What’s your favorite punk album of all time?

5 - You guys are from Newcastle which is home to the Newcastle beer. But what is your favorite beer to drink and why?

I want to thank Lee Wright from Monkey Mind for stepping In the Spotlight and answering these hot seat questions.

Make sure to go to the show notes below this episode for links to the music and watch our full podcast interview as well!

Rock on!

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