In the Spotlight - Season 3 - Ep. 18 with Oh, Lonesome Ana - A Powered By Rock Podcast Short

Hey there, it’s Isaac from Powered By Rock here to bring Evan Bailey from the Sacramento rock band Oh Lonesome Ana into the spotlight for a few minutes, and make him sweat with some on-the-spot questions.

Welcome, Evan. Are you ready to be put in the spotlight?

1 - Now, there are a lot of bands from California, but not necessarily a lot of famous ones from Sacramento. I know Deftones, Cake and Tesla are all from Sacramento. But do you have a favorite band from Sacramento that maybe people haven’t heard of?

2 - As Sacramento is the capital of California, I figured what better way to really put you in the spotlight than to see how well you know your state capitals. Can you name these state capitals:

  1. Oregon - Salem
  2. Nevada - Carson City
  3. Tennessee - Nashville
  4. Connecticut - Hartford
  5. South Dakota - Pierre
  6. Kentucky - Frankfort

3 - What is your favorite rock album of all time, and who is your favorite rock band of all time?

4 - I am not sure why, but when I listen to your album, I am often reminded of the movie Slingblade which is a great film starring Billy Bob Thornton about a boy who has a shitty stepdad (much like the lyrics of the songs on the album). What’s the best Billy Bob movie?

  • Bad Santa

5 - If you could change one thing about California, what would it be?

I want to thank Evan from the band Oh Lonesome Ana for stepping In the Spotlight and answering these hot seat questions.

Make sure to go to the show notes below this episode for links to the music and watch our full podcast interview as well!

Until we see you again for the next episode,

Rock on!


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