In the Spotlight - Season 3 - Ep. 2 with Andrew of The Carolyn - A Powered By Rock Podcast Short

Hey there, it’s Isaac from Powered By Rock here to bring Andrew Patrick from The Carolyn into the spotlight for a few minutes, and make him sweat with some on-the-spot questions.

Welcome, Andrew. Are you ready to be put in the spotlight?

1 - What are 3 of your favorite bands right now? - Okay, now gun to your head, you have to stop listening to one of them forever, which one are you cutting out?

2 - Your music is often on the punk side with an emo style, did you ever play in different styles before eventually landing on this style? Or was this the go to genre since day one?

3 - Being from Atlanta, do you have a favorite waffle house or go-to comfort food in general? And do you like peaches?

4 - What’s been your favorite part of being in The Carolyn so far?

5 - What’s the worst part about being in a rock band so far?

I want to thank you, Andrew, for stepping In the Spotlight and answering these hot seat questions.

Make sure to go to the show notes below this episode for links to the music and watch our full podcast interview as well!

Rock on!


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