In the Spotlight - Season 3 - Ep. 4 with Charlie from Breaklights - A Powered By Rock Podcast Short

Hey there, it’s Isaac from Powered By Rock here to bring Charlie Whittle from the Austin-based punk band Breaklights into the spotlight for a few minutes, and make him sweat with some on-the-spot questions.

Welcome, Charlie. Are you ready to be put in the spotlight?

1 - What was the first song or album you heard where you thought, “I need to start playing music now?”

2 - Do you have a favorite lyric from a song or one that you can think of that is something you think of as good life advice?

3 - You're from Austin, what do you think is better there, the BBQ or the tacos? And why does Austin think their tacos are so good?

4 - The band is about 6 years old now. What do you foresee another 6 years down the road?

5 - Imagine that there are advanced lifeforms in the universe that also play stringed instruments like we do. What crazy technique do you think they would have invented that would blow your mind upon them playing a bass or guitar in front of you?

I want to thank you, Andrew, for stepping In the Spotlight and answering these hot seat questions.

Make sure to go to the show notes below this episode for links to the music and watch our full podcast interview as well!

Rock on!


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