Season 2 - Ep. 1 - Balancing Adulthood with Being an Indie Rock Icon with Tim Kasher of Cursive

Hello and welcome to the Powered By Rock podcast where we are going to be speaking with an absolute musical legend in my opinion. He is one of the four musicians I would put on my personal Mount Rushmore of greatest musicians of all time. A man who should really not even need an introduction, but he is not only a demigod of indie rock, but also a TV trivia game champion! That’s right, I will be speaking with Tim Kasher from Cursive and The Good Life.

I have to pinch myself a little bit, because I get to speak with one of my literal all-time favorite artists. Tim Kasher is on the show, and between Cursive, The Good Life, and his solo work, he has put out literally hundreds of songs that can take you on incredible emotional journeys. The god among men himself is here.

Intro: "Colorado" by Birds Love Filters

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0:00 - Intro
1:50 - Does Tim Kasher hold back on what he puts into his lyrics?
5:18 - Did Tim Kasher have a writing mentor when he was younger?
7:29 - How did Tim Kasher form bands like Commander Venus and Slowdown Virginia, and how did they prepare him for Cursive and later projects?
10:40 - How does Tim Kasher decide when to create a concept album or not?
15:53 - Was the song "What Have I Done?" autobiographical of Tim Kasher's life?
19:08 - What's Tim Kasher's take on his own voice?
21:49 - Does Tim Kasher get writer's block? Does Tim Kasher put out too much music?
24:21 - How does Tim Kasher know what songs are for Cursive, The Good Life or solo work?
25:57 - Why does Tim Kasher use allegories and fairy tales so much in his lyrics?
28:54 - How does Tim Kasher choose what musical time signatures to play in?
30:53 - What does Tim Kasher think of services like Patreon?
31:56 - Does Tim Kasher feel like he should be a grown up and quit music?
36:17 - Did Tim Kasher's No Resolution come together at the same time or was the music or movie first?
38:10 - Does Tim Kasher feel like he is a kid still?
38:52 - Tim Kasher talks about going on tour with Cursive as support for Thursday
39:58 - Did Sunny Day Real Estate influence Cursive?
42:59 - Is Cursive releasing a new album soon?
45:22 - Outro

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