Season 2 - Ep. 8 - The World's Most Passionate Drummer with Emily Dolan Davies


I am going to be speaking with drummer extraordinaire Emily Dolan-Davies who has worked with quite a few famous acts like The Darkness, The Hours, Bryan Ferry and Cher Lloyd and runs her own business to help musicians make money with their musical abilities, and she also creates drum tracks remotely for musical acts and sampling at 

She is also currently the drummer in the house band on The Voice Kids in the UK. I am going to be digging into all this and more with Emily.

Intro Music: "Colorado" by Birds Love Filters

Link to all of Emily's endeavors:

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0:00 - Intro
1:41 - Does Emily Dolan Davies play any instruments other than drums?
4:18 - How does Emily Dolan Davies feel about the movie Count Me In which highlighted drummers and female drummers?
6:51 - Emily Dolan Davies talks about how drummers are shy, but connect with other drummers instantly
8:17 - Did Emily Dolan Davies really talk to Ewan McGregor about drumming?
10:29 - How did Emily Dolan Davies get into drumming?
13:24 - Emily Dolan Davies talks about her dad bringing Neil Peart up as THE drummer to aspire to be
15:52 - How did Emily Dolan Davies get into the house band on the Voice UK?
23:37 - How did Emily Dolan Davies become the drummer for The Darkness?
31:09 - Emily Dolan Davies talks about helping musicians create a living off their skills by building a business for themselves
43:10 - What are some drumming tips or advice that Emily Dolan Davies can give about drumming?
47:37 - Emily Dolan Davies talks about what it means to play "in the pocket" as a drummer
49:56 - Emily Dolan Davies talks about the subjectivity and art behind music and how just because a band has talent doesn't mean they make music everyone will like
51:25 - Are drum lessons needed to become a professional drummer like Emily Dolan Davies?
56:28 - Final thoughts from Emily
58:27 - Outro

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