Season 2 - Ep. 9 - What It's Like to Be a Photo Journalist in Rock Music with Gaby from ASTR0MAG


In this episode of The Powered By Rock Podcast, I get to talk to Gaby Davila-Ortiz from ASTR0MAG which is a Las Vegas-based independent music site that covers indie rock bands mostly in the local Vegas music scene, but also in Southern California and surrounding areas. Gaby has been doing photography and journalism for ASTR0MAG for the last few years, and she gives us her unique take on what it's been like to pursue the passion of writing, taking photos of and finding new artists and music to inspire her to keep going.

We pull back the curtain on what it is like to build sites based on promoting bands and rock music and you will get to hear straight from a source in the field about what it's like to try to grow an online presence around rock music.

Intro: "Colorado" by Birds Love Filters

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▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 - Intro
1:22 - How Gaby started ASTR0MAG
3:16 - The musical influences that shaped Gaby
4:59 - How does Gaby like working with smaller bands?
8:44 - What's Gaby's process behind doing a great interview?
14:22 - Where does Gaby fall on the scale of fan versus journalist and does it affect your interviews?
18:11 - Does Gaby prefer writing or the photography part of the job more?
23:50 - Who else is working with Gaby on ASTR0MAG?
25:35 - What are some of the bands that ASTR0MAG would like to cover in 2022?
28:28 - What's it like being a young, female journalist in rock music right now?
33:33 - What's the big vision for ASTR0MAG?
38:14 - Outro

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