Season 2 - Episode 12 - Dissecting the Multi-Layered English Hardcore Punk Band Midwich Cuckoos

I am going to be speaking with Lesley and Ben from the British hardcore punk band Midwich Cuckoos.

This is a band that doesn’t really fit a specific label, but its roots are punk rock. Though it has evolved into something so much more. They just released their new album Death or Glory which is quite a rad album. We’ll be speaking with Midwich Cuckoos about the album and more right after this.

Intro Music: "Colorado" by Birds Love Filters

Outro Music: "Snail Mail" by Speedway Sleeper

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▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 - Intro
1:21 - Is the new Midwich Cuckoos album two EPs put together?
1:45 - How did Midiwch Cuckoos become a band?
4:24 - Why do the Midwich Cuckoos use featured artists in their music?
6:10 - Is Leslie from the Midwich Cuckoos British? Why doesn't she have an accent?
7:12 - Who decided on the band name for Midwich Cuckoos?
8:07 - How did the concept of the Midwich Cuckoos album Death Or Glory come about?
12:17 - Who plays the didgeridoo in Midwich Cuckoos?
12:50 - How does Midwich Cuckoos decide which player will solo with 3 guitar players in the band?
14:36 - How does Midwich Cuckoos get synched up with all the instruments playing such intricate pieces at the same time?
17:30 - How did Midwich Cuckoos figure out the track listing for Death Or Glory?
19:38 - How did the featured artists add their bits to the tracks on Death Or Glory since some of them like David Rodriguez from The Casualties live in different countries?
21:08 - How did Lisa from The Bellrays get involved on "Blood Mother" by Midwich Cuckoos?
23:53 - Isaac gives Midwich Cuckoos some interesting trivia about their music video for "Blood Mother"
24:46 - Was the song "Sucker" based on a real-life relationship of one of the members of Midwich Cuckoos?
27:19 - Are Midwich Cuckoos a punk band?
30:12 - Are Midwich Cuckoos going to be doing any international tours?
31:46 - How did Midwich Cuckoos get involved in the Kerrang! record deal contest?
34:09 - What was the production of the album Death Or Glory like for Midwich Cuckoos?
35:58 - How did Midwich Cuckoos get their own beer?
37:32 - Final words from Midwich Cuckoos
37:52 - Outro

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