Season 3 - Ep. 11 - Rising Las Vegas Pop Rock Band Arrlo on Indie Music and Gender Identity

I am going to be speaking with the Las Vegas based band Arrlo today about their music, their unique band identity, and their journey to playing Las Vegas’ biggest music festival, Life Is Beautiful.

I have seen this band live, and they definitely know how to put on a good show and get their fans engaged, and their music is poppy enough to make you want to get up and dance even if you are a typical wallflower.

We’ll be speaking to the band about all of this and more right after this.

NOTE: Apologies for the horrible audio on my microphone during this episode. Rather than scrapping the whole thing, I decided to post it, because Arrlo deserves the recognition. Sorry for any audio that doesn't come out clearly from my side.


Intro Music: "Colorado" by Birds Love Filters

Outro Music: "Snail Mail" by Speedway Sleeper

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▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 - Intro
1:02 - How did Arrlo get started and what was the origin story?
4:05 - How did Sunni Suede from Arrlo transition to a transgender male?
8:10 - Why does Arrlo feel the best approach to growing their fanbase and supporting other bands is through positive influence?
11:23 - Does Arrlo feel like they are treated differently because their singer, Sunni, is transgender?
15:32 - How did Arrlo's guitar player, Jimmi Stepanik, feel being a foster child shaped his identity?
17:03 - What musical influences does Arrlo have in creating their unique sound?
24:44 - What's the story behind the Arrlo song "WFTWTE (Waiting For The World to End)"?
29:10 - Why does Arrlo write dark and emotional lyrics with poppy sounding music?
33:14 - What is the Arrlo song "LSD" about?
35:15 - What is the group dynamic for Arrlo when creating their music?
39:58 - How did Arrlo get booked for the Las Vegas music festival Life Is Beautiful?
43:36 - What other shows will Arrlo be playing in 2022?
45:57 - Will Arrlo release an album soon?
48:56 - What new music does Arrlo recommend?
52:12 - Outro

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