Season 3 - Ep. 23 - The Rock Band Who Should Have Already Been a Famous Headliner with Mercy Music

Welcome to the Season 3 Finale of the Powered By Rock podcast where I am going to be speaking with the Las Vegas rock band Mercy Music about so many things today.

If you have followed this show for a while, you will know that Brendan was actually on the season finale of season 1 which was almost exactly one year ago today. So, I guess this is just going to be an annual tradition now.

Well, in that time, I have gotten to know this band a bit better, and having watched them play several shows, I can say that these guys are the best kept secret in rock music.

The band has a new album coming out in 2023, they have a new SIDE PROJECT band, and they also are going to be headlining a world tour…okay, the last one hasn’t been confirmed yet, but let’s just assume it’s going to happen.

We’ll be speaking with Brendan, Jarred and Rye from Mercy Music right after this


Intro Music: "Colorado" by Birds Love Filters

Outro Music: "Snail Mail" by Speedway Sleeper

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▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 - Intro
2:16 - What's the update on Mercy Music's new album that should be coming out in 2023?
10:21 - How did Mercy Music get involved with the new band NOT with Davey Osbourne of Sharp/Shock?
13:51 - What was Mercy Music's reaction when they found out that MXPX, Zebrahead and Bad Cop/Bad Cop covered their song "Nothing In The Dark?"
20:45 - Why does every punk band respect and love Mercy Music?
26:07 - What does it mean for a band to "sell out?"
28:05 - What were some of the best moments for Mercy Music in 2022?
32:26 - How did Brendan and Jarred get cameos in Codefendants music videos?
34:44 - Did anyone from Punk Rock Museum reach out to Mercy Music about being involved?
36:51 - Does Mercy Music come up with their own music video ideas or is that done by the production teams they work with?
40:51 - Why doesn't Brendan from Mercy Music care when people (like us) accidentally spell his name wrong?
42:52 - Why doesn't Mercy Music ever drink before their shows, and why did Brendan decide to go sober 13 years ago?
52:32 - What kind of touring will Mercy Music be doing in 2023?
56:11 - Final words from Mercy Music
58:38 - Outro

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