Season 4 - Ep. 10 - Indie Spotlight - Vegas Rock Band Elephante King and Rock Writer Karina Selvig

Hello and welcome to the Powered By Rock Podcast!

I am excited because today, we have TWO incredible guests on our show as part of our Indie Spotlight series which will be a recurring feature at The Powered By Rock Podcast.

First up, I will be speaking to the Las Vegas based rock band Elephante King about their music, their live performances and some other interesting questions.

You will also get to hear a song from them before the end of our segment.

After that, I will be speaking with Denmark’s own Karina Selvig who is a writer for Dying Scene,, and New Noise Magazine as well as recently becoming a co-host over at Punk Rock Radar.

So, make sure to stick around until the end, because both guests are fantastic.

Intro Music: "Colorado" by Birds Love Filters

Outro Music: "Snail Mail" by Speedway Sleeper

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"GOAT" broadcast with direct consent from Elephante King

Elephante King Links:

Checkout Elephante King's recommendations - Pure Sport, Post NC, White Noise


Karina Selvig's Links:

Checkout Karina's recommendations - Martha, Topsy Turvy's, Belvedere, Water Parks, Pup, Forever Unclean, The Sewer Cats, Mannequin Pussy, Samia


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▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬


00:00 - Intro

01:25 - Segment 1 - Vegas-based rock band Elephante King talks about their band chemistry

29:24 - Reverend Guitars

30:17 - Segment 2 - Elephante King talks about their favorite Vegas bands, and their songs "Murder" and "GOAT"

47:59 - "GOAT" by Elephante King

50:05 -

50:38 - Segment 3 - Danish rock journalist Karina Rae Selvig joins the show to talk about her journey and perpsective on rock music these days

1:30:22 - Outro

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