All Else Fails Guitarist Barrett Klesko's New Project The Secret Places of the Earth Releases New EP

If you are a fan of instrumental, ambient music with a dark and futuristic vibe, then I think you might like the new EP from guitarist Barrett Klesko's new project The Secret Places of the Earth.

The EP is titled "The Space Between the Stars," and it ranges from melodic looping to disruptive distortion to keep the listener engaged and also subconsciously being submerged without having to do too much work to understand what the songs are about.

The 5-song EP is a sonic experiment meant to fight back against despair, and I think it does a pretty good job of it. 

Here is the official press release information: 

The Secret Places Of The Earth (Barrett Klesko - All Else Fails, The Order of Chaos) Releases Experimental Guitarwork Album “The Space Between The Stars”

New Album “The Space Between The Stars” Out Sept 23rd

Canadian experimental guitar project The Secret Places Of The Earth has announced a second album coming up entitled “The Space Between Stars”. Already released is the single “Mother Brain” and now fans have the opportunity to dig into the spacey, ambient, experimental guitar work in full.

The man behind the project is award-winning Canadian composer, and visual artist Barrett Klesko (All Else Fails, The Order of Chaos) who writes the songs in a flow state, messing around a little with tones and effects, then after finding a few riffs that feel good, he’ll start to play. Essentially, he records the songs live using a looper, but he’s playing more to his own ears, than to any rigid musical rule or structure. He looks for his playing to evoke a specific sensation or emotion, and he follows it. He plays more as an observer than a performer. Klesko explains what fans can expect in the future:

“I compose along a certain path until I notice the sound of my work beginning to change, which signals to me that I am moving on to a new set of songs. I more or less follow my intuition in that regard. Fans can expect a lot more music, I have worked quite a bit ahead, and plan to release new albums every few months. As of August 2022, The Secret Places of the Earth has an unreleased catalogue of over 80 songs, which is growing weekly.”

As for playing live, Klesko is still considering the best way to bring this music into a live scenario. Because of the experimental nature of the music, in regards to experimenting with it before he hits a flow with a song, he will need a very specific venue or experience to properly convey it and isn't sure what that is quite yet.

The album was written and performed by Barrett Klesko, who also produced, and engineered, it, and the mastering was done by Colin Noel. The album artwork was done by dianico.

Haunted, hypnotic, and healing, The Secret Places Of The Earth is recommended for fans of Repulsive, Midwife, and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma.

The album “The Space Between The Stars” is available as of September 23rd, 2022 on the following platforms:, Spotify, Apple Music

Visualizer - Mother Brain -

Track Listing:
1. Mother Brain (6:25)
2. The Space Between the Stars (3:12)
3. Fragile Futures (3:01)
4. Drifts (4:52)
5. Breach (3:06)
Album Length 20:19

About: The Secret Places of the Earth is a non-linear, live compositional experiment by award-winning Canadian composer, and visual artist Barrett Klesko (All Else Fails, The Order of Chaos, FadeBack Studios United). His first album "Stormwalker" was released in early 2022 to a modest, though enthusiastic fan and critical reception. Described as darkly beautiful, magnetic, and often unsettling, “Stormwalker” has been gaining momentum with a growing cult following due to its organic live feel and hypnotizing depth.

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