Atlanta Rock Band The Carolyn Debut New Music Video "LBB" on

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The "LBB" music video will debut on Friday, December 8th, at 9am Pacific / Noon Eastern exclusively on the homepage of

One of Powered By Rock's favorite bands in the world, The Carolyn, asked us to debut their newest music video for the song "LBB" which makes them the first band to debut TWO music videos through

The song is incredible, and the music video is a great collage of tour footage from the band's most recent European tour in the summer of 2023.

For those who are unfamiliar with The Carolyn, you may be a fan of theirs if you like bands like The Lawrence Arms, Taking Back Sunday, Alkaline Trio, New Junk City, Decent Criminal, and Captain Asshole.

The band released their breakthrough sophomore album Rhythm of My Own Decay in 2022 which featured the Powered By Rock 2022 Music Awards Song of the Year nominee "99 Caveats, 0 Problems."

The band has been actively creating music and touring the world for the past 7 years since forming around the music of co-lead singer Andrew Patrick in 2016.

Patrick says of the new song "LBB":

"LBB was the first song written for the EP and is a personal favorite to play live. It is also in the same key as our cover of “Salvation,” which is very convenient for me because it’s one of the few keys that doesn’t hurt my voice."

Oliver Vuley-Conlon (bass, co-lead vocals) and David Mulazzi (drums) form the rest of the powerful pop-punk three-piece.

Atlanta-based rock trio, The Carolyn, have just released a brand new EP called "Harmful History" that can be seen on the brand new Split LP with Buffalo, NY based rock band Starjuice's EP "Sign Language" which is available on Vinyl now through 59 X Records.

You can see more information about that LP here.


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