Avenues Releases First Full Length Album After 15 Years of Midwest Punking


4.3 out of 5 stars

I had actually never heard of Avenues until this release came out, but after I saw that We’re All Doomed was a new punk album release, I had to go check out the rest of their music. I was pleasantly surprised with their music, and it is confounding as to why there was such a long delay between their last EP and the release of this album which is actually their first LP (otherwise known as a full-length album).

Right from the start, “Blood On The Moon” kicks ass and has a sound that instantly reminds me of the good, fast version of Screeching Weasel, but with some polish. 

Supersonic” picks right up after that and has a great guitar riff mixed with a classic Jughead (of Screeching Weasel) style guitar solo which flows all so well into a bass line that breaks down the next verse.

These guys remind me of a mix between Teenage Bottlerocket and Screeching Weasel with their music, and they don’t shy away from having some light-hearted subject matter. Not so “hardcore” or politically motivated as a lot of punk bands.

Hell, even the cover art being comic book themed is a straight nod to the covers of many Screeching Weasel albums. 

I will say that even though to MY ear, there is a clear influence, I wouldn’t say the sound is a straight copy or anything. Just like Weasel was heavily influenced by The Ramones, I would say they definitely had a much more unique sound. That’s the same for Avenues.

In my opinion, this album is about 23 minutes of pure punk fun. It’s even got some old Green Day and Rancid elements in there.

It definitely reminds me of my whole childhood trying to find bands that were fun to listen to and grabbing punk rock compilations. This one album seems to have that feel even though it is all the same band. Enough unique songs, but with the same overall sound to make it a fun time.

I can’t really pick a favorite song, but I do like “Supersonic” and “Lights Out” as well as “We’re All Doomed,” but I really do like all the songs.

I hope they can manage to make more albums in the future that maintain this level of fun. Definitely a short and sweet punk punch to the gut.

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