Best of Rock 2020 Awards - The Winners!

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - After all the deliberation was completed, the Powered By Rock “Best Rock Music 2020” awards have been finalized, and the winners for each of the 5 categories have been selected.

To give the full picture of the nominees and the winners, here are the categories and the nominees followed by the Winners listed for each category.

In some of the categories, the separation between winner and runner up was so razor thin that it almost came down to a coin flip.

Thankfully, in the end, a few more listens and a few more conversations made the decisions more clear.

Without further delay, here are the nominees and the winners (listed in bold below each category).


Nominees for Album of the Year:

Winner for Album of the Year - The New Abnormal by the Strokes!


Nominees for Song of the Year:

Winner for Song of the Year - "Who's Gonna Stop Me (feat. 'Weird Al' Yankovic)" - Portugal. The Man!


Nominees for Breakthrough Artist of the Year:

Winner for Breakthrough Artist of the Year - The Lemon Twigs!



Nominees for Comeback of the Year

Winner for Comeback of the Year - The Strokes!



Nominees for Best New Artist

Winner for Best New Artist - Sports Team!



We are truly honored to present these awards to the artists that made such great music in 2020 that even a worldwide pandemic couldn’t stop. We look forward to many more years of inspiring rock music to come from ALL of these artists.

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