Blacksheep Booking's Halloween Bash 2022 Was a Fitting End to Rocktober in Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV – On last Friday night, Blacksheep Booking put on a Halloween concert at The Space with some great local and regional acts that was filled with great music, comical costumes and quirky characters as well.

The show started off with brash and bold Muninn who hail from Provo, Utah and are one of the most eccentric bands you may see or hear in the sense that their live show borders an aggro-rock show with its attitude but sounds more like a funky pop-rock band (like a harder version of Neon Trees in a lot of ways, to be honest).

The band was dressed up like characters from the Despicable Me film with lead singer Josh Bird dressed up as Gru and the rest of the band comprising his minions.

They ran through a high energy set with mostly originals of theirs – including their, as of now, unreleased song “Wussy Boy” and a cover of 4 Non Blonde’s hit single “What’s Up?"

It was a bit of a generation gap as Bird mentioned that likely everyone would know the words to the song before they went into the number, but as more than half the crowd was under 25, I am pretty sure most did NOT know the lyrics. Now, myself, I definitely know like 95% (or maybe all) of those lyrics. 

Next on the lineup was Las Vegas’s teen rockers, The Dollheads. They had just played the exact same venue the night before for a Filipino Night Market event, but they came back for this event in costumes and rocked out for about 8 songs including 3 covers – “99 Red Balloons” by Nena, “Aliens Exist” by Blink-182, and one of my favorite songs to cover and see live, “Roots Radicals” by Rancid.

They played songs from their recently released album, What Teenage Angst? Songs like “Parasite,” “January 28th” and “I Wish I Were a Demon.”

Their music is catchy grunge-punk that seems too good for a band who has members in high school and middle school, but their talents are years ahead of their age.

Next up was the alt-rockers Pure Sport who absolutely bring high energy and create a pretty interactive experience by getting close to the fans and rocking out throughout the set.

I had mentioned to them after their set that they had a sound a bit like The Hives, but it isn’t necessarily the sound that reminds me of that band. It is more their stage presence, I think, because their sound is definitely more of a buzzsaw punk sound that rips throughout the entire set. 

They are definitely one of my favorite bands in Vegas, and I don’t think you should miss their live show if you like rock music of any genre.

Pure Sport band from Las Vegas

They recently just released their own EP of 5 songs called “Big Business” and normally they have business suits when they play shows (a.k.a. “Meetings”) in honor of promoting this EP.

After them came the instrumental fusion rock act Tree Frog Express. Their sound is a big rock band sound, and instead of having a vocalist, the centerpiece is their guitarist and a saxophonist who sort of rips out leads to consume the areas where vocals would normally come in.

Tree Frog Express instrumental rock band from Las Vegas

I can’t really pin them to a genre as they can easily switch it up even in the middle of a song, but their sound can go from pretty straightforward rock to a bit harder than a bit of mellowed out jazzy stuff. It’s quite interesting even if I usually prefer bands with vocalists for the most part.

Hunter's Briefcase band from Las Vegas

The last band that I was able to see before I had to leave was the last Vegas band on the lineup, Hunter’s Briefcase, and man, they did not disappoint at all.

I was pleasantly surprised by this band, mostly because I had little to no idea of what I was going to hear knowing that they could be any type of rock music. However, they came out and killed it.

Hunter's Briefcase drummer Nic Mendoza 

I am going to give a special shout out to their drummer, Nic Mendoza, who has flair for days on the kit as he played with the bravado of a Travis Barker on the kit without missing a beat.

Hunter's Briefcase lead singer Jake Mendoza

The lead singer, Jake Mendoza, is a very solid vocalist and rips on guitar as well. 

My apologies to show headliner Diva Bleach for not being able to stick around for their set at the end, as I did have to get home to my son as our sitter had a curfew.

Make sure you check out all of these bands and follow them on social media to check out their upcoming shows and releases, because they are just as good or better than most of the music you hear on the radio.

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