Brand New Rock Music Submissions That Deserve Your Attention - November 2022

I am going to probably have to think of a cool "series" for this, because we get a lot of cool music submissions (I mean literally 100 a month or so between direct messages, emails and press releases), and I just haven't found a great way to post about them. 

So, unfortunately, I let a lot of good music slip away due to time constraints.

I am hoping that by putting out one article with a handful of these choices on here that you will see there are loads of great bands and good music all over the world and that there is great new music coming out all the time.

I apologize to all the bands on this list for taking so long to respond to the submissions in some form of a review. I hope this is some consolation. 

Let's get started...


Jack Adamant - Obscure Places & Cupboards (Album)

The newest release by Swedish rocker Jack Adamant is a really good 10-song album that has some really good songs in it.

Yeah, he has a bit of an accent, but the music and the lyrics and the vocals are really good all around. 

There are a couple of really, really good songs on this album. I like a few of the songs in the middle of the album the most.

For example, "Leaves" and "Astray" are two of my favorites, and they are two of the shortest songs on the album. They are both totally different sounding too.

I definitely think you need to check this album out. He even won a blind band review contest on our homies' Punk Rock Radar! 

Judgement - "Crashing Down"

The first release I want to talk about is a new single by the Canadian band Judgement who has a bit of an emo rock sound which definitely reminds me of something like Protest The Hero from back in the day, and it's rare that I find a new band with this sound that I like, because they usually just sound like a rip off of other older bands. 

Judgement is not like that though. They have a seemingly fresh sound for this genre, and I think they are a band you should give a chance.


The Boneheads - "Ragamuffin"

I swear all the submissions aren't from Canadians, but here is one of my favorite new submissions from the band The Boneheads.

The new song "Ragamuffin" is riffy, it's bluesy, it's fucking rock and roll!

It's totally in line with bands like The Black Keys or if you are a bit older maybe even The Rolling Stones. 

Seriously, I highly recommend checking this badass little ditty out.


It's not often that a band from Africa reaches out, but we actually have TWO bands on this list right now, and Lone Tree is a cool, jam-style band that has a great sound and quality musicianship.

For fans of bands like Dave Matthews or Jack Johnson, I think you'll dig their vibe, and they are a young band too. So, it's not just some old farts doing a bunch of psychedelics and jamming on guitars for hours. Ha ha.


Future Radio - "Constant State of War"

South African rockers Future Radio have been putting out a series of singles that have a visual storyline woven through it that makes for a cool audio/video art project.

The band has a very late 90's alt-rock sound, and though I wasn't a fan of many of the bands that make up that genre, these guys seem to find a way to balance the rock sound without taking it overboard into a "commercial rock" sound. 

I also can appreciate how much work is being put into both the music AND the graphic design. I know it isn't easy to do both at a high level.



GingsuRattaca (Album)

This band is very eclectic, and I would put them in the vein of a band like Primus that just makes music that fits their own style.

I am not sure if you would call this prog or alternative or what, but there's some pretty cool music woven into this 7 song album.

I will say that some of the songs aren't exactly my kind of jams either, but I think the band knows that they are creating a diverse range of rock music, and every song is not going to sit well with each listener.

So, all I can say, is give this band from San Clemente a shot and see if you like them.


The Sparkle & Fade - "Just a Story"

This Connecticut band's name clearly comes from the Everclear album of the same name, but they definitely don't sound like Everclear. They may sound more like a mix between Paramore and Blondie if you ask batshit crazy as that sounds. Lol.

I am not really sure how to describe the sound, because it is a mix of alternative, metal, and melodic punk. Another recent band that may fit this bill is Midwich Cuckoos. So, if you like that band, you may really enjoy The Sparkle & Fade.

Anyway, check out their new song "Just a Story" and see for yourself!

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