Canadian Comic Rocker Robbie Morön from The Moröns Releases Debut Solo Album Spare Parts on April 20th, 2024

Good punk rock usually doesn't take itself too seriously, and this can definitely be said for Robbie Morön and his approach to writing pop-punk bangers.

He is set to release his full-length solo album entitled Spare Parts on April 20th, 2024, and it is pretty funny throughout. The album is a clever, comedic poke at the social fabric that barely holds our world together.

The first song "The Only Ones" reveals the reality of being a punk band in a scene where rock music made by adults really isn't appreciated. Basically, instead of asking a crowd, "Raised your hand if you have seen us before..." or something to that affect, he sings, "Raise your hand if you're in the band, because we're the only ones..." that are there at all. No fans. Or as he puts it, "a million bands for a couple of fans."

As always, Morön does have a song or two about "partying" as that is part of his appeal as well, and the song "Wing Night" is sort of the adult version of a party where a few dudes get together and go stuff themselves with wings.

From what I understand, Morön actually played all the instruments (except for the drums which he programmed) on this record as well, and that itself is very impressive. The songs are great, and the skate-punk/pop-punk style of the songs are not always the easiest to play on every instrument.

The song "Daily Affirmation" is the first single off the album, and it addresses a big life change for Morön.

As he mentioned to me, "Daily Affirmation is about being down and out from heartbreak (wife and I split last year) and realizing that you can't rely on other people's love to make you happy, and the sad realization that I'm the greatest love I ever had."

Morön hails from the Calgary area of Canada which he lovingly dubs "hick city" (hence the social handle for The Moröns being @hickcityMoröns), and the name of the album is a reference to a common phrase from the popular Canadian show Letterkenny about a fictional small town in Canada that has a hick as the protagonist.

The famous line voiced by Letterkenny creator and star Jared Keeso, "You are spare parts, aren'tcha bud?" is how the title track starts. Of course, Morön takes the idea of spare parts a lot more literally and talks about how plastic surgery and prosthetics makes people act in the song.

I won't break down each and every song on the album, but as you can see from the examples above, there is a lot of humorous content laid out, and if you like a good chuckle with your punk rock, then you are going to love this album all the way through even in the songs that are not overtly humorous, they still have a clever way of looking at situations.

"Triggered" is definitely one of my favorite songs on the album as well. From someone who hates traffic and technology not working as expected, I definitely can relate.

Morön also shows off his chops as a cover artist (one of the ways he keeps his music career going) with the song "Runaround Sue" which is done really well.

I highly encourage you to check out this album when it comes out.

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