Concert Review - Mercy Music & Old Cross - At Evel Pie Las Vegas March 5, 2022

Las Vegas, NV - On March 5th, 2022, Mercy Music and Old Cross played at Evel Pie in Las Vegas with opening support from Failing Up, and it was an incredible showcase of great punk music that you likely haven’t heard as these bands are not on the radio or signed to massive labels.

The concert opened with Failing Up getting the crowd warmed up (literally as it was a chilly sub-50 degrees Fahrenheit outside for the gig) by going through their catalog which includes past EP’s and single over the last 5 years or so.

The Los Angeles punk quartet led by singer Tanya Delgado put on a high energy show from start to finish, and they got the crowd dancing and singing along to their songs which are filled with quick-hitting guitar, rolling bass, and smashing drums laced with a bit of yelling and singing that drives their bombastic points home.

Next up was Old Cross as they are touring in support of their last album
Daggers which came out in 2020, but they haven’t been able to do much since the pandemic stopped them from traveling and playing live music much.

To have them come and play a free show with one of Las Vegas’ best bands in Mercy Music made for an epic and very intimate showcase.

These guys can really play, and they have a lot of energy stacked into a 3-piece pop-punk band. They are very much in the same vein of bands like Face to Face and Pennywise. They can make a lot of sound with just 3 instruments and vocals.

These dudes were all really cool too as I talked to each of them a bit after their show and got to know them a little more. I am sure it won’t be the last time we mention Old Cross.

Old Cross would likely have closed the show had it not been for the fact that Mercy Music is just so well known and so well loved in Las Vegas, and they usually headline any Vegas show unless opening for a national act like Lagwagon or MxPx or that echelon of band.

Mercy Music is one of the most polished bands around, and they should absolutely be on the radio, on TV, and heard by millions of people regularly. Their music is a pop-punk, power-pop blend that makes for a molotov cocktail of music and pent up emotions.

Lead singer, Brendan Scholz belts out vocals with quality akin to some of the best pop-rock singers in history, and the band’s timing and interactivity with the crowd make for a lot of fun every time they play.

If you are ever in Vegas, and there is a Mercy Music show, you definitely want to hit that show up for a good time.

They are even playing with another great punk/alt rock band in Decent Criminal on the 20th of this month in Vegas as well. You can grab tickets to that show here:

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