Dropkick Murphys Put Boston Celtic Rock Back in Your Diet With New Album Turn Up That Dial

4.3 out 5 stars

Well, I gotta say that it has been literally 20 or so years since I have listened to a full album by Dropkick Murphys, but this was definitely a great way to come back to them.

This is a total Dropkick Murphys experience.

From the very first song (the title track "Turn Up That Dial") to the last ("I Wish You Were Here"), you go on a Boston-based, Celtic rock journey of celebrations, political banter, rebellious raucous, and sad reflective longing. 

Basically, if you have ever been to a pub in Boston (or Great Britain), you would get the same experience of jointly singing folk anthems to bar fights to commiserating with the same people who were just in a fight together.

That's pretty much how I expect a live show by these guys to go, but I haven't actually had a chance to see them live yet.

If you are wondering who these guys might be or maybe the name sounds familiar, they were famously added to the soundtrack for the movie The Departed with Leonardo Dicaprio and Mark Wahlberg. The song, "I'm Shipping Up to Boston," that was used in the movie is a very energetic, almost violently charged song that immediately gets you into the mindset of that movie.

Now, as far as THIS album goes, I probably liked the whole album, but there were a couple of songs that could have been left out, if I am being honest.

For example, the song "L-EE B-O-Y" was sort of irrelevant to the album as it is an ode to the band's bagpipe player. It's nice that they honored him in this way, but it does kinda seem like it should be an offshoot single or something.

On the flip side, songs like "Queen of Suffolk County" is a fairly great song about a rough and tumble female who is known within her area for being the proverbial white trash cock of the walk.

I also got a kick out of the anti-birthday song "H.B.D.M.F." That's a classic you can play at every birthday party you attend from now on.

I will say that I do get a bit tired of the style of music that Dropkick Murphys play to a good extent, but when you are in the mood to party or fight or reminisce, they are a great band to put into the rotation.

Overall, I will say if you liked any of their other albums, you will definitely like this one. If you aren't a big fan, I still recommend it, because even if you just listen to it one time through, you will get a great experience.

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