Emo Night Brooklyn Came Back to Las Vegas at the Brooklyn Bowl Just In Time For When We Were Young Festival's Second Weekend

Photos and Write-up by Breanna Biorato

LAS VEGAS, NV -- On Friday, October 28th, 2022 Emo Night Brooklyn was underway as hundreds of fans waited in line prior to doors opening at Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas.

The sideshow to When We Were Young festival brought in many festival attendees from all ages as they had special appearances from Boys Like Girls, Buddy Nelson of Senses Fail and Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade.

Buddy Nelson of Senses Fail at Emo Night Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bowl seemed to be the perfect venue. It truly brought in an intimate feel and a safe environment for fans to enjoy their favorite songs.

Emo Night Brooklyn at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

Hosts Ethan and Alex, who started the entertainment company Emo Night Brooklyn to play emo rock favorites while having guest musicians jump on to make it a party, truly brought the energy as they came out ready to pump up the fans for the night.

They instantly started playing fan favorites such as “King for a Day”, “Since You've Been Gone” and more while interacting with fans by bringing the mic to individuals and more.

Boys Likes Girls walked onto the stage as the first appearance playing “Love Drunk” behind them. The fans were ecstatic and instantly started to cheer.

The fans enjoyed their setlist as they played “Don’t Trust Me”, “Shake It”, and “Last Resort”. The fans truly started to let loose and from this point on the mosh pit stayed open in the middle of the pit throughout the night. 

As the night went on the fans continued to enjoy the ambiance while the setlist brought in many different vibes from slowing it down to picking it back up instantly.

Derek Sanders from Mayday Parade came out strong with the Star Wars main theme song, but he quickly made his introduction and started singing to My Chemical Romance's “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)" along with the crowd while he waved and high-fived a few of the fans.

At the end of the night the fans started to crowd surf towards the stage as balloons were thrown for the final.

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