Interview with Danny Draycott and Exclusive Performance of "Ghosts (Acoustic)"

Today I am here talking to Danny Draycott, an unsigned rock musician from Nottinghamshire in the UK about his latest single “Ghosts” and Danny’s actually going to perform the song for us in an acoustic version after the interview. So stay tuned, because it is an absolutely stellar version of the song that you won’t want to miss.

Welcome Danny, how are things going?

Q1: Tell me about the song “Ghosts.” What’s it about and what do you want people to know about it?

Q2: You're currently a one man show, but you produce all the drums and other instruments yourself as well. How do you feel about doing it all yourself? Do you prefer it or do you want a full band?

Q3: What’s coming up for you in 2022? New music? Any plans to play shows?

Q4: Is there anything you would like to plug before we throw over to your performance?

I want to thank you Danny so much for the interview today, and without further ado, here is Danny Draycott performing “Ghosts” acoustically.

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