Local Vegas Punks Gob Patrol Bring The Goods

By David "Widgit" McMillan

All Photos by Stoned Spider Photography

Punk is alive and well in Las Vegas. If you doubt this than you have only to look at local band Gob Patrol.

With influences like The Misfits, G.G. Allin and other punk legends, Gob Patrol brings furious energy to whatever stage they perform on.

Growing up in the punk scene in Houston TX, I have a renewed faith in the life of punk thanks to Gob Patrol and other Las Vegas based punk bands.

If you’re a fan of true punk rock find yourself a Gob Patrol show and help keep punk music alive and growing.

You can find these guys playing often at places like Red Dwarf, The Double Down Saloon, and the infamous Las Vegas Dive bar.

Long live punk rock and long live Gob Patrol for keeping its spirit alive in Las Vegas.

Get yourself to a Gob Patrol show, and while you’re there tell 'em Widgit sent you.

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