Nasty Cuts Records Announces 3-Day Festival in Copenhagen to Celebrate 5-Year Anniversary

Nasty Cut Records celebrates five years by throwing a 3-day festival in Copenhagen. The DIY, non-profit record label that is known as Nasty Cut Record turns five years, and to celebrate this, its crew is throwing a 3-day rager.

A banging, international, 20-artist line-up will take place on Toftegårds Plads and its two venues, Underwerket and Valby Kulturhus from the 18 th to the 20 th of May 2023.

More specifically, the festival will include artists such as Los Fastidios (IT), Hippie Trim (DE), Fresh (UK), Cherym (NIR), Burnt Tapes (UK), Trophy Jump (CRO), The Overjoyed (GR), Binboy (UK), Forever Unclean (DK), Goodbye Blue Monday (UK), Omsorg (DK) and Stoj Snak (DK), among many others.

Tickets are selling out fast, so don’t wait up to get yours:

Curious to check how all these artists sound like? Check the official playlist of the fest:

Line Up:
Binboy (indie punk, UK)
Burnt Tapes (regret punk, UK)
Cherym (punk rock, NIR)
Fall Back Down (punk rock/ska, DK)
Flame On (punk rock, DK)
Forever Unclean (indieskatecore, DK)
Goodbye Blue Monday (misery punk, UK)
Hippie Trim (emo/post-hardcore, DE)
Hoi-Poi (emotive punk, GR)
Los Fastidios (stree punk, IT)
Omsorg (post-hardcore, DK)
The Overjoyed (punk rock, GR)
Situationsfornærmelse (punk rock, DK)
Stöj Snak (screamer-songwriter, DK)
Trophy Jump (indie punk, CRO)
+more TBA

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