News Wire: Atlanta’s Gentleman Jesse Drops Duo of Drunken Tunes on Portland's Drunk Dial Records (Feb 6)

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Atlanta’s Gentleman Jesse Drops Duo of Drunken Tunes on Portland's Drunk Dial Records (Feb 6)

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Gentleman Jesse’s Drunk Dial Debut Releases February 6th, 2024


Stream Where Time Stands Still b/w Return of the Mack (Feb 6)



Drunk Dial Records proudly announces the release of two inebriated masterpieces by Atlanta's own Gentleman Jesse on February 6th. The tracks, "Where Time Stands Still" and a daring take on the 90s New Jack classic "Return of the Mack," were recorded in a spirited session on January 29th, 2023, in Jesse's basement. The band carries on with their tradition for belting out undeniably catchy tunes with big hooks and anthemic refrains with this new two song vinyl 7-inch single. Founded on the premise of merging the worlds of music and intoxication, Drunk Dial Records is a daring record label that challenges musicians to create original songs and classic covers in a single day, fueled by the creative energy of inebriation.


Stemming from the unconventional idea of creating a record label that encourages bands to embrace the use of alcohol while crafting their music, Drunk Dial Records has swiftly evolved from a spontaneous concept to a vibrant reality. Determined to elevate beyond the realm of "Drunk History, but with bands," the label embarked on a journey to transform their vision into a distinct and compelling musical experience. In the synergy of music and libations, it becomes evident that the most resonant songs are those intertwined with captivating narratives. Drunk Dial Records seeks to cultivate these stories by challenging musicians to immerse themselves in a day-long creative process: getting drunk, composing original songs, and recording both an original and a classic cover. 

"This was a wild ride of a recording session," shares Jesse Smith, singer of Gentleman Jesse. "The three of us got together that afternoon, fueled by the creative energy of the moment, and decided to craft 'Where Time Stands Still.' As the day unfolded, we took a bold swing at the 90s New Jack banger 'Return of the Mack.' To set the tempo, we immersed ourselves in a chopped and screwed version, all while sipping on French Rosé."


As the songs started to take shape, the trio cracked open some German lagers, and the creative process unfolded against the backdrop of pizza orders during overdubs. Vocals and Tip Top Old Fashioneds marked the final stretch of the recording journey, resulting in an eclectic blend of musical brilliance and inebriated spontaneity. Jesse recounts the experience, saying, "Things got pretty fuzzy after that. After about 12 hours, we decided that everything was as good as it was going to get, considering our state."


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Jesse Smith, also known as Gentleman Jesse, has been a prominent figure in the Atlanta music scene since the mid to late '90s. Over the years, he has collaborated with numerous musicians, notably contributing to the legendary art-damaged punk band The Carbonas and fronting the power-pop punk group Gentleman Jesse and His Men. Additionally, he has been active in releasing music through his own label, Douchemaster Records. After nearly a decade devoted to his passion for running award-winning restaurants, Gentleman Jesse recently returned to release his first album, Lose Everything, since dropping  2012's Leaving Atlanta on esteemed Beach Impediment Records.

Smith initially gained recognition in the Atlanta music scene as part of indie rock acts Paper Lions and Some Soviet Station, drawing inspiration from early influences like the Birthday Party and Drive Like Jehu. Following the dissolution of Paper Lions, Smith joined the Carbonas just in time for the recording of their Frothing at the Mouth 7-inch single. Subsequently, Carbonas' drummer, Dave Rahn, expressed interest in a side project, and in 2005, Gentleman Jesse & His Men took shape. Building a devoted following in Atlanta, Gentleman Jesse hit the road, touring with the Black Lips and new wave icons the Paul Collins Beat. Gentleman Jesse’s power pop aesthetic will appeal to fans of Nick Lowe, the Modern Lovers, and the Nerves. Rather than serving as a modernized analysis of 70s power-pop, they enthusiastically celebrate the essence of those sounds and their intricate, jangling influence. 









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