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4th Annual CAMP PUNKSYLVANIA MUSIC & CAMPING FESTIVAL Announces Fourth Round of Artists

Event taking place July 5-7, 2024 in Gilbert, PA

Monthly Payment Plans Available

Lineup also includes Big D and the Kids Table, Laura Jane Grace, The Dirty Nil, Diesel Boy, Bad Cop Bad Cop, Codefendants, D.O.A., Kill Lincoln, We Are The Union, The Venomous Pinks, Skating Polly and many more!

Gilbert, Pennsylvania - February 16, 2024 - Camp Punksylvania Music & Camping Festival has announced the fourth round of Artists set to perform at the highly anticipated 4th annual event.

Pennsylvania’s first punk rock summer camp, Camp Punksylvania takes place July 5-7, 2024 at the West End Fairgrounds. The festival features four stages and one-of-a-kind events that showcase and uplift the voices and talents of those in marginalized communities, as well as spotlighting notable artists for the fans.

Artists such as legendary punks D.O.A. and skacore punks Kill Lincoln have been announced, along with several regional, up and coming acts. This is the fourth of several announcements of artists spanning 3 days. Talents are curated by Riot Squad Media’s executive team in collaboration with booking agencies, management and PR firms, record labels, media outlets & lifestyle brands.

This announcement leaves only four bands left to be announced, including the Friday and Sunday Main Stage headliners.

The current confirmed artists to appear at Camp Punksylvania 2024 include:

▪ The Bronx (California)
▪ Big D and the Kids Table (Massachusetts)
▪ Laura Jane Grace (Illinois)
▪ The Dirty Nil (Canada)
▪ Bad Cop Bad Cop (California)
▪ Diesel Boy (California)
▪ Codefendants (California)
▪ D.O.A. (Canada)
▪ We Are the Union (Michigan)
▪ Kill Lincoln (Washington DC)
▪ Skating Polly (Oklahoma)
▪ The Venomous Pinks (Arizona)
▪ FEA (Texas)
▪ Flatfoot 56 (Illinois)
▪ Keep Flying (Pennsylvania/New York)
▪ Some Kind of Nightmare (Nevada)
▪ Sammy Kay (New Jersey)
▪ The Punk Cellist (Massachusetts)
▪ Working Class Stiffs (New York)
▪ Black Guy Fawkes (Maryland)
▪ PWRUP (Massachusetts)
▪ The What Nows?! (Pennsylvania)
▪ The Galaxy Has Eyes (Pennsylvania)
▪ SOJI (Pennsylvania)
▪ A Day Without Love (Massachusetts)
▪ The Car Bomb Parade (New York)
▪ Tired Radio (New York)
▪ Mvll Crimes (Canada)
▪ Matt Pless (Maryland)
▪ Amora (Pennsylvania)
▪ The Karens (Pennsylvania)
▪ Mary Shelley (Colorado)
▪ Vulture Raid (Pennsylvania)
▪ Cardboard Homestead (New York)
▪ The Whiskey Bats (Pennsylvania)
▪ Racist Kramer (Utah)
▪ Suburban Downgrade (Pennsylvania)
▪ One Revived (Pennsylvania)
▪ Old Daggers (Pennsylvania)
▪ No Complyance (New York)
▪ Ship of Fools (Canada)
▪ The Chemical Imbalance (New Jersey/Pennsylvania)
▪ Meanderthal (Pennsylvania)
▪ Sweet Anne Marie (Pennsylvania)
▪ Career Mode (New York)
▪ Dead, Dead Swans (Wisconsin)
▪ Dr. Frankenstein’s Monsters (Pennsylvania)
The Bronx (California)
Big D and the Kids Table (Massachusetts)
Laura Jane Grace (Illinois)
The Dirty Nil (Canada)
Bad Cop Bad Cop (California)
Diesel Boy (California)
Codefendants (California)
D.O.A. (Canada)
We Are the Union (Michigan)
Kill Lincoln (Washington DC)
Skating Polly (Oklahoma)
The Venomous Pinks (Arizona)
FEA (Texas)
Flatfoot 56 (Illinois)
Keep Flying (Pennsylvania/New York)
Some Kind of Nightmare (Nevada)
Sammy Kay (New Jersey)
The Punk Cellist (Massachusetts)
Working Class Stiffs (New York)
Black Guy Fawkes (Maryland)
PWRUP (Massachusetts)
The What Nows?! (Pennsylvania)
The Galaxy Has Eyes (Pennsylvania)
SOJI (Pennsylvania)
A Day Without Love (Massachusetts)
The Car Bomb Parade (New York)
Tired Radio (New York)
Mvll Crimes (Canada)
Matt Pless (Maryland)
Amora (Pennsylvania)
The Karens (Pennsylvania)
Mary Shelley (Colorado)
Vulture Raid (Pennsylvania)
Cardboard Homestead (New York)
The Whiskey Bats (Pennsylvania)
Racist Kramer (Utah)
Suburban Downgrade (Pennsylvania)
One Revived (Pennsylvania)
Old Daggers (Pennsylvania)
No Complyance (New York)
Ship of Fools (Canada)
The Chemical Imbalance (New Jersey/Pennsylvania)
Meanderthal (Pennsylvania)
Sweet Anne Marie (Pennsylvania)
Career Mode (New York)
Dead, Dead Swans (Wisconsin)
Dr. Frankenstein’s Monsters (Pennsylvania)

In addition to a new venue & dates, Camp Punksylvania will offer monthly payment plans for all ticket holders, as well as a rewards program to enhance the summer camp experience. Attendees will each receive an interactive Camper’s Handbook at check-in,
filled with information, Scavenger Hunts, quests, surprise sets and more.

“Finding new music and people you connect with in such an intimate setting is the magic and essence of Camp, really. Having the opportunity to book such legendary bands like 7Seconds and DOA is truly awesome for us, but the best part is getting a chance
to put some of these smaller, up and coming bands on the same stages as them. They’re going to blow you away” says Laura Rose, the co-founder and CEO of Riot Squad Media and Camp Punksylvania.

Camp Punksylvania is organized & operated by Riot Squad Media. Founded in 2019, Riot Squad Media is a female owned and operated DIY media agency specializing in event booking, operations and talent management. Camp Punksylvania 2024 will take place July 5-7, 2024 in Gilbert, PA. For more information, please visit To register for media coverage at the event, please fill out the form.

Camp Punksylvania 2024 is sponsored by Sherman Theater, Creative Concerts, Punk Rock Saves Lives, Stupid Rad Merch Co, Skid Row Garage, WaxPax Records & Health Goth Yoga.


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