News Wire: Chicago Rock/Punk Trio POISON BOYS Announce Spain 2024 Tour (Feb 23-March 10); Latest release 'Headed for Disaster' compiles early 7”s, unreleased material and demos from 2014-2018

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Hi there, I was hoping you might be interested in setting something up with Chicago's Poison Boys. Latest album out now and they'll be touring Spain i


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Chicago Rock n Roll Punk Trio POISON BOYS Announce Spain 2024 Tour (Feb 23-March 10)

For Fans of: New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders, Iggy & the Stooges, Slaughter & the Dogs, Motörhead, Flamin' Groovies, Hanoi Rocks, Ramones, Cock Sparrer, Dead Boys, The Rolling Stones

Latest release 'Headed for Disaster' compiles early 7”s, unreleased material and demos from 2014-2018

"...a scrappy and sleazy dose of hard-rock-stained street punk."- 50Thirdand3rd

"Drawing on the influences of the Stones, the Groovies, the Stooges, the Dolls, etc, the band mix a bit more energy into the pot citing classic UK punk like Generation X, Vibrators and Slaughter & The Dogs."- Vive Le Rock

"Poison Boys take good old fashioned rock n roll and add despair, sexual frustration and hostility to create a volatile mixture that stings a bit going down, but feels warm once it's in your gullet...(A) gloriously loud and messy masterpiece of a debut."- Audio Ammunition

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Chicago glam punks POISON BOYS have announced their Spain Tour 2024. The tour launches on February 23 and runs through March 10. see dates below.

If you crave the primal roar of The Stooges and the infectious swagger of The New York Dolls, but with a dash of late '70s punk rebellion like The Heartbreakers and The Dead Boys, POISON BOYS are your fix. Throw in a touch of Hanoi Rocks' flamboyant glam, and you have a band that's both familiar and refreshingly unique in the contemporary punk and rock scene.

On its recent full length LP 'Don't You Turn on Me' (Riot Records), the band channel the raw energy of their musical heroes and the latest release 'Headed for Disaster' (a compilation of early 7”s, unreleased material and demos from 2014-2018 (Tropically Hot Records) documents the band's early years.

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Spain 2024 Tour

02/23 Porto, Portugal - Barracuda Club

02/26 Cáceres - Boogaloo Café

02/27 Granada - Sala Planta Baja

02/28 Malága - Velvet Club

02/29 Ubeda - La Teteria

03/01 Almeria -Clasijazz

03/02 Cox - TNT Blues

03/03 Albacete - La Casa Vieja

03/04 Valencia - 16 Toneladas

03/05 Toledo - La Divergente

03/06 Madrid - Gruta 77 w/ Supersuckers

03/07 Soria - TBA

03/08 Almazan-Soria - Maneras de Vivir

03/09 Bizkaia - Mungia

03/10 Valladolid - Sala Portacaeli


'Headed For Disaster' Track Listing

1. Bustin' Out

2. Run and Hide

3. In the Night

4. Bad Mouth

5. Little Speedway Girl


7. Headed for Disaster

8. Got to Tease

9. Without You

10. Been Here All Night (Demo)

11.Out of My Head (Demo)

12. Cut Right Out (Demo)

13. Bad Mouth (Demo)

14. Turn (Demo)

15. Without You (Instrumental) (Demo)


About Poison Boys:

According to who you talk to, Rock and Roll is either dying out, evolving, or back in full swing. In the case of the POISON BOYS from Chicago, they're pumping new life into the genre and keeping it as punk as possible. Staying true to the sounds of late 1960's/early 1970's protopunk bands like THE STOOGES, NEW YORK DOLLS, and FLAMIN' GROOVIES, and mixing them with late 1970's New York and UK punk bands like the HEARTBREAKERS, DEAD BOYS, THE VIBRATORS, and SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS, with a little HANOI ROCKS glam for good measure, the band is a breath of fresh air in today's Punk and Rock and Roll scene.

One of the hardest working Rock and Roll bands in recent years, POISON BOYS are hot off the presses with their new full length LP 'Don't You Turn on Me' on Riot Records. The band's influences are clear on the album, bringing punk energy reminiscent of late 1970's UK bands SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS, THE VIBRATORS and GENERATION X ("Day by Day," "Living on the Edge of the Knife," "Little Speedway Girl," "Keep Knocking," "She's Nowhere," "Can't Get You Out of My Mind"), mixing it with early 1970's ROLLING STONES, FLAMIN' GROOVIES, BERLIN BRATS, 70'S IGGY POP, and MC5 ("Don't You Turn on Me," "Sweet Marie," "I Was Cryin"), and late 70's New York Rock and Roll sounds of Johnny Thunders ("Dick in the Dirt", "Take a Chance With Me"), and the Dead Boys ("Nothing but Darkness").

In early 2014, longtime friends Matt Dudzik and Mike Lippman felt there weren't enough real Rock and Roll bands left, especially in Chicago. The two quickly put a band and demo together and began playing shows in the Chicago area, steadily gaining a following throughout the summer of 2014. Tragically, in the fall of that year, Mike passed away at the age of 23 in an accidental drug overdose. In honor and continual recognition of their friendship, Matt decided to continue the band and the vision the two of them shared for the future of the POISON BOYS.

Over the next three years, the band completed their first tour of the East Coast US in 2015 (kicking it off opening for THE VIBRATORS in Chicago), released two 7" EPs, Headed for Disaster (No Front Teeth Records, 2016) & Bad Mouth (NFT Records, 2017), and ended 2017 with a successful "Bad Mouth in the South" Southern US tour. In 2018 the band played a four-show West Coast stint in April dubbed the "Lost LA Weekend," a two-week "Wasted in the West" West Coast US tour in September (opening for THE ZEROS in Los Angeles), and released their first music video for the track "Bustin' Out" from their third 7" Poppin' Eyes and Flashing Feet (White Zoo Records, 2019).

The following year was hugely successful as the band released their debut full length 'Out of My Head' (Dead Beat Records, 2019), two music videos "Tear Me Apart" and "Been Here All Night" from the LP, and completed a triumphant East Coast/Canada tour in support of it all. The album was far from a straightforward "Punk n Roll" record, with songs ranging in style from THE STOOGES' "Raw Power"-inspired proto-punk classics like the title track "Out of My Head" and "Tear Me Apart," to more sweet sounding glam stompers like "Cut Right Out" and "Been Here All Night," to the old school Bomp! Records/HANOI ROCKS influenced, sax-drenched hit "Desperado." The album also includes an absolutely ripping cover of LARRY WILLIAMS' 1958 Rock n Roll standard "Slow Down" and the DEAD BOYS' teenage lament "I Won't Look Back."

POISON BOYS were on an upswing immediately preceding the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, playing House of Blues Chicago opening for UK punk heroes THE ADICTS to a crowd of 600+ people in Chicago. Their next 7" Mean Queen b/w Take a Chance With Me (Hobo Wolfman Records, 2020) (the latter written by JERRY NOLAN of the NEW YORK DOLLS/HEARTBREAKERS) was released in the fall of 2020.
The boys used their downtime wisely during the pandemic, spending the next year recording and releasing digital singles for their second full length 'Don't You Turn on Me' (Riot Records, 2021/2022).

Early 2021 saw the release of a music video for "Nothing but Darkness" off the album, compiled from live footage of their House of Blues show one year prior, and in the fall released a new music video for the track "Can't Get You Out of My Mind" before digitally releasing the album through Riot Records in October 2021, with the physical LPs being released after several pressing plant delays in July 2022.

Through 2022 the band continued picking up post-pandemic steam playing several local shows to promote the new album, and began recording for new releases. 2023 was the strongest year for the band yet, with the current lineup of singer/guitarist Matt Dudzik, bassist Johnny K, and drummer Matt Chaney completing their triumphant European debut with two electrifying weeks on their Spain Tour in February, plus a ton of weekend mini-tour shows throughout the summer dubbed the Midwest US “Tour”. Several new singles were released in this period including “Rubber Band,” “Set You Free,” “Steamroller,” and “Knocked Down Again,” with the latter three including music videos.

With more tours and releases in the works for 2024, POISON BOYS are clearly not slowing down anytime soon, concluding 2023 with a new LP release entitled “Headed for Disaster”—a compilation of early 7”s, unreleased material and demos from 2014-2018—on new label Tropically Hot Records.


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