News Wire: DARKO serve up the second helping from their Signal House Studios sessions

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DARKO serve up the second helping from their Signal House Studios sessions

"...genre-defying...You better strap in and hold on tight... premium grade top shelf rock."- The Whole Kameese

"They pack enormous energy into these relentlessly powerful tracks. assured, Darko are better than ever."- Jersey Beat

Darko SHS Promo 6

Last November DARKO released a brand new track kicking off the new chapter of songs from the next release Greyscale, today ‘What I cannot be (Live at Signal House Studios)’ is streaming now.

Stream here:

Following on from the first of the live sessions "Lifeforms" released in October 23, both can be found on the band's Youtube channel along with loads of fast melodic music spanning the band's career.

More on the SHS studio session

In May 2023, DARKO (UK) tripped to Signal House Studios, Hatfield to record a live session with Tim Kramer, the result was two brand new tracks, and one re-imagined from the 2017 album, Bonsai Mammoth.

“The guys had just finished working on some new material and they were keen to try it out live in the studio. DARKO and I go way back from when I was playing in Drones and it was revitalising to hear them bring so much fresh energy to the table. I was stoked to hear the new songs, and you all should be too.” says producer Tim Kramer.

“We had heard Tim’s top work on the Drones and Midwich Cuckoos records and knew he would knock this out of the park, however, it was then down to us to get a solid performance of the tracks. Whilst we wanted to focus on new material, we thought it would be nice to include a track from our back catalogue that we had been performing in our live set and ‘Life Forms’ seemed like a great choice. It was good to be given the challenge and the payoff of a great recording we can share with our friends.“ says guitarist Rob Piper.

About DARKO:

Over a raucous decade, DARKO have by definition, become veterans of the UK Punk scene and it is not uncommon to see them standing as an essential name within the intricate and complex world of contemporary Punk and Hardcore.

The band, urgent and charged with conviction, are set to continue championing and contributing to the health of the very scene that birthed them as they pen the narrative of their new chapter.

In 2020, longtime voicebox Dan Smith returned to his native Australia and parted ways with the band after so long in the vox seat. Dan’s evocative, emphatic and emotional lyricisms have left quite the legacy throughout the band's releases. Darko's four other noisemakers have curated a backdrop of vicious, hybridised Skate Punk and Melodic Hardcore that has been pushed beyond itself across thirty countries.

Darko have now enlisted longtime touring compadre Tom West of UK shredders, Almeida. The band have never hid from what ails them or the society they inhabit but with West at the vocal helm now and forgoing the complacent societal padding forced upon us all, his lyrical discomfort has spurred the band’s most unbarred barrage yet. There is nothing hidden here, nothing soaked in distracted metaphor or softened non-confrontational rhetoric, Darko are making full use of their scene privilege and challenging people who look akin to them to unleash their own salvos. But what of the backing? These are stops that have also been beyond pulled.

Darko’s evolution is tied to their past but with threads so long that there is an abundance of slack to play with. Notes of Polar Bear Club, Mastodon, A Wilhelm Scream, Protest The Hero, Rise Against and Propagandhi can all be savoured in their contemporary flavour profile. Serrated, lacerating Thrash and metallic digressions contrast the meandering guitar lines rooted in Skate Punk classicism. Writhing, emotive and complicated Post-Hardcore structures supplement the “techy” displays they are known for as an overarching and indisputably Punk-charged Prog-aesthetic allows the versatile and varied vocal range to seamlessly traverse the entirety.

Rob, Chris, Karl, Andy and now Tom have come together to the highest degree, poised and proud to show you a reimagined, powerful and determined Darko.

Darko are:

Tom West Vocals

Rob Piper Guitar / Backing Vocals

Chris Brown Guitar / Backing Vocals

Karl Sursham Bass / Backing Vocals

Andy Borg Drums

What people are saying

“Melodic and heavy, fast and intricate, Darko plays furious melodic hardcore in incendiary live shows.” – FRONT Magazine

‘They’ve got the skills and imagination to make this a heart-racing listen… check out Darko right now’ – Big Cheese

“Alright, let’s just get this out there for everyone: this band is composed of some SERIOUS rippers.” – Dying Scene

“Darko match A Wilhelm Scream act perfectly for on-stage energy, shredability and a hard-working but fun attitude. Darko never give less than 110% live and they always have the best time doing it.” – Shout Louder

'Techy skate-punk for fans of Belvedere and Strung Out' - Rock Sound

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