News Wire: GHOUL Unleashes “Ratlicker” Live Lyric Video From Noxious Concoctions EP; Brainsqueeze Tour Underway

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GHOUL Unleashes “Ratlicker” Live Lyric Video From Noxious Concoctions EP; Brainsqueeze Tour Underway

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Watch GHOUL’s “Ratlicker” video HERE.

Creepsylvania’s treasured masked mutants, GHOUL, have unleashed a live lyric video for “Ratlicker.” The rowdy canticle comes off the band’s Noxious Concoctions EP released last month on Tankcrimes.


Comments Cremator, “We're so pleased to present this live lyric video so people can finally understand our cacophonous caterwauling and also know what kind of slaughter they are in for when they attend our shows. We salute the many brave camera-people who gave their lives to this project and their flesh to our dinner plate.”

Watch GHOUL’s “Ratlicker lyric video HERE.


Noxious Concoctions reaped critical accolades from humans nationwide ultimately earning placement on various Billboard charts upon its first week of release including #2 on the Current Hard Music chart, #5 on the Top New Artist chart, #19 on the Independent Record Label chart, and #20 on the Current Rock Albums chart.


All tracks on Noxious Concoctions were digested, dissected, fermented, and cremated by the members of GHOUL, except “1-900-DTH-LINE,” originally composed by Funerot. The EP was recorded by Scott Evans at Antisleep Audio and Sharkbite Studios, mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering, and includes gang vocals by The Moron Cavern Shakled Choir and “swamp hag” vocals by Laurie Sue Shanaman.


Noxious Concoctions is available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. Find vinyl orders HERE, CD orders HERE, and digital orders HERE where the EP can be streamed.


GHOUL is currently decimating cities across North America on the inaugural Brainsqueeze Tour! The North American live assault finds GHOUL sacking stages as direct support to Municipal Waste. Additional support is being provided by labelmates Necrot and Dead Heat. The tour commenced on February 15th in Washington, DC and will run through March 16th in Richmond, Virginia. Tickets are on sale now at THIS LOCATION.


GHOUL w/ Municipal Waste, Necrot, Dead Heat [remaining dates]:

3/08/2024 Paper Tiger – San Antonio, TX

3/09/2024 Trees – Dallas, TX

3/10/2024 House Of Blues – New Orleans, LA

3/12/2024 Culture Room – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

3/13/2024 The Abbey – Orlando, FL

3/14/2024 40 Watt – Athens, GA

3/15/2024 The Senate Theatre – Columbia, SC

3/16/2024 The National – Richmond, VA


“Warping the spirits of Accused, early Kreator, and Scream Bloody Gore era Death through their cadaverous vessels, GHOUL have harnessed the dark power of thrash and crossover to create a wonderful cacophony that will seize control of your soul and make you want to slam uncontrollably throughout your abode until completely satiated and spent, you pass out in a pool of your own vomit and viscera.” -- Mass Movement


“Incorporating elements of thrash, death, punk, hardcore, and grindcore, Noxious Concoctions might only last a little longer than a quarter of an hour but it still manages to cram in so much decomposing goodness without ever feeling overloaded. A short, sharp shock of brutal, horrific fun.” -- Ghost Cult


GHOUL shines here again ripping off the cobwebs. If you have never heard of GHOUL, welcome. Plan to get a sweet, sacrilegious sample of death/thrash. And lease do not misinterpret my presentation of GHOUL as a joke band. No problem with having fun with the job at which you excel.” -- New Noise


“…short and fun… there’s not a ton to deconstruct, but every track is a banger.” -- MetalSucks


“…a brief but enjoyable serving of high-octane metal which show that the Californian quartet can still hang with their genre counterparts.” -- Distorted Sound


“If fun thrashing madness gets your blood pumping, then here’s one that’s definitely for you. Saddle up and mosey on down to 'Shotgun Gulch.'” -- Last Rites


“A fun, blazing, rip-roaring release and in these fucked up times, we need to have a blast of a band like GHOUL every now and again…” -- The Sleeping Shaman


"It’s about as chaotic and pirate-radio as you would expect the band to be, with the sneaky-enough musical chops to betray the fact that even when GHOUL are making intentionally sloppy punked-out music, they’re still able to spin up a pit like a vortex." -- No Clean Singing


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