News Wire: Long Beach, CA Hardcore 5-Piece '92 Release Self-Titled Debut EP on Rude Records

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Southern California Hardcore Powerhouse


Release Self-Titled Debut EP, Out Now on Rude Records

L.A.'s own '92 isn't just hardcore, they're a genre-bending beast. Their music is a streetwise symphony, where hardcore's relentless beats collide with the grimy storytelling of gangster rap and the smooth swagger of G-Funk.

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Photo: Oscar Rodriguez (@bloomxphoto)

Southern California hardcore outfit '92 has released its self-titled Rude Records debut EP.

Stream the new EP here:

Watch the visualizer for the new focus track "Brick By Brick" here:

Brimming with political commentary, the inaugural self-titled EP boldly conveys an unapologetic message that announces itself with force.

Order the EP / Merch here:

'92 Yellow & Purple Splatter Vinyl (limited to 100)

The band says, “We can’t even express how excited we are for this EP to finally be shown to the world. We’ve been working on these songs for years - since pre-pandemic - and at the time, it felt like they would never see the light of day. However, after seeing the way the world has drastically changed since 2020, it’s no wonder why the songs needed to wait to come out. All the fuel was there, but the last few years provided the spark needed to set this ablaze. Welcome to ‘92.”

Stream the "Above The Law" video here:

Upcoming Shows:

2/23 Pomona, CA @ Characters Sports Bar with Drain the God, 63 Bank St, and Wes Nihil

3/1 Maywood, CA @ Bricks Rocks Bar with Con, Dross, Funeral Massacre, Jackknife, and Hang Tough

'92 Lineup:

Jabril Ward: Vox

Brandon DeVincenzo: Guitar

Cole Patterson: Guitar

Quinn Barnum: Bass

Nick Sturz: Drums


‘92, a hardcore powerhouse from Los Angeles, seamlessly fuses the rhythmic cadence of hardcore with the gritty influence of gangster rap and G-Funk.

Comprising Jabril Ward, Nick Sturz, Brandon De Vincenzo, Cole Patterson, and Quintin Barnum, the band draws inspiration from artists like Rage Against The Machine, Dr. Dre, Trapped Under Ice, Leeway, The Warriors and more, resulting in a heavier version of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their debut EP, "‘92," explores themes of rebellion rooted in the symbolic 1992 riots. '92's inception, driven by a mission to be spokespeople for the unheard, shapes their unique musical journey.

The band's live shows embody their ethos, creating an atmosphere of inclusion and welcoming all seeking liberation from social constructs. '92's community-drivenmentality sets them apart, aspiring to be the plug within their community while merging the revolutionary soul of hip-hop lyricism with raw and aggressive hardcore tunes.


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