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Erik “Bergie” Bergeson is an American multi-instrumentalist whose playful songwriting style is much like his personality, playful and friendly yet deeply creative and risk taking. His power pop and modern rock musical stylings meet Watsky style lyrics that are catchy and tell many stories. He’s releasing his debut full length album Trash to the Trash Gods on Beautiful Rat Records on Thursday, April 4, 2024.

Today, Bergie released his final single from Trash to the Trash Gods "Lemonbrain." With a blues rock groove and back up vocals that are reminiscent of early hip hop, the song takes you into the story of Bergie meeting and liking a strong guitarist femme and imagining having a little fun with her on vacation in Italy. Bergie says the character is inspired by a story told to him by Eevie Echoes, who does her eyeliner on the NYC subway on her way to her own shows. He jotted down the anecdote and it inspired the formation of the rest of the lyrics. 

Growing up, Bergie’s father was in the military. He spent most of life a world traveler, not by choice, living in Nevada, Alaska, Virginia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, and internationally in Rome and London. The song calls out going on a trip to Positano, where the lemons are bigger than your head.

Trash to the Trash Gods album is inspired by Bergie's time living in NYC, where he chose to settle down after a lifetime of travel and intentionally meet friends. In NYC, he found friends in other musicians, like Eevie Echoes, as well as Cole Raser- producer of Trash to the Trash Gods who he toured with. 

”I spent 3 years in NYC. I studied the place, the pace, the people. I fell in lust with jazz. I developed high blood pressure. I exposure-therapied my fear of heights into armistice. I played gay volleyball. I yelled at tourists in the bike lane. I yearned daily for the mountains and some fresh fucking water to swim in. I watched a threesome in a 25th-story hotel window across the street. I slaughtered a family of mice. I started eating meat again (unrelated). I dyed my bathtub pink and blue. I went on tour — thrice. I saw stars born and supernovaed. I got chewed up and spit out and went back for seconds,” Bergie speaks of his time in New York. New York City is the kind of place that you’re never quite prepared to live in if you’ve only been a tourist. 

Earlier in 2024, Bergie released the singles "(Everybody's Headed to) Brooklyn!" and "Forest of Lonely Souls," both which tell the stories of Bergie's life and relationships while in NYC. And "Lemonbrain" also tells that story. It's flirty and fun and a must listen to from Trash to the Trash Gods.

”For my 27th birthday, i gave myself the gift of leaving. I have stories to share with you all now. Each song, a love song,” Bergie says about New York City and the memories of his time living there.

All of these memories and people inspired the different tracks of Trash to the Trash Gods.

It’s very much a soundtrack for not only the constant motion of his own life but for those who are constantly in motion. When he pictures someone listening, he sees them on a bike, in a plane, on the subway, and on the go.

”(Everybody’s Headed to) Brooklyn” and “Forest of Lonely Souls” and “Lemonbrain” are out now and Trash to the Trash Gods is out on Beautiful Rat Records on April 4, 2024. 
Upcoming appearances by Bergie & the Magic Bag

April 3
Bergie & the Magic Bag Trash to the Trash Gods Listening Party
Megawednesday on Twitch, hosted by Mega Infinity 
7-10 pm 

May 3
Rat Fest hosted by Beautiful Rat Records
Howards, Bowling Green, OH

Listen to Bergie & the Magic Bag:

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