News Wire: Future Radio kicks off 2024 with energetic single – “Off My Mind”

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Future Radio kicks off 2024 with energetic single – “Off My Mind”

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Friday, 16 February 2024 (SOUTH AFRICA) - Dynamic Pretoria-based rock band, Future Radio, launches into the new year with their latest release, Off My Mind. This up-tempo song centres around the universal theme of trying to forget someone, even if it’s unreciprocated. The song's infectious chorus is poised to become an earworm, capturing the essence of its relatable and unforgettable melody.


In their new single, Future Radio, seamlessly blends pop and rock elements. The track starts with a stripped-down chorus and then transitions into a high-energy composition. Off My Mind, features a captivating instrumental bridge section, elevating the overall sonic experience with a melodic guitar solo. The fast-paced and racing tempo of the verses represents a beating heart, while the catchy chorus encapsulates the relatable struggle of trying to forget someone.

Frontman and songwriter Johnny shares that he woke up one morning with this theme in his head - no pun intended. He completed writing the chorus in the shower and the verses in his car on the way to a meeting. "It all came quite quickly and naturally, and it was such an enjoyable song to record," he remarks.

Drikus Roets, guitarist and visual designer, sheds light on the changing direction of their music videos. “We’re moving away from animation and trying out more visual storytelling, but still keeping things creative and interesting”. He adds, "We're still going to do some animation, but we’ll reveal more about that later."


Future Radio is gearing up for an impactful release of, Off My Mind, which will be accompanied by an extensive three week pre-release campaign, lyric video, acoustic version, music video and a live version. Building on the momentum from 2023, where they secured coveted spots on editorial playlists of Spotify and Apple Music. The band successfully concluded their second album, "Identity," receiving recognition for the music video of "Whatever I Want To," which made it to the finals at the COBRA awards. Their single "Rise" soared to the top of Music Mafia Radio's charts. With a thriving social media following and a growing fanbase at live shows, 2024 looks bright for one of South Africa's most hard-working bands.


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