News Wire: Oslo Norway’s Hammok Announce New Album - 'look how long lasting everything is moving forward for once' - Out on March 1st via Thirty Something Records

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Oslo Norway’s Hammok Announce New Album 'look how long lasting everything is moving forward for once'-- Out on March 1st via Thirty Something Records

FFO: Health, Idles, Touche Amore, Converge

"A polished introduction that posits Hammok not merely as noise-rock newcomers, but also erudite students of the genre who hit the ground running."- Pitchfork

"...hypnotic, abrasive..."- Brooklynvegan


Hammok – “Séance” From the forthcoming album "look how long lasting everything is moving forward for once" out March 1st, 2024 on Thirty Something Records.

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Oslo, Norway's Hammok have will release their new album look how long lasting everything is moving forward for once (digtal and and limited edition vinyl) on March 1st, 2024 via Berline-based Thirty Something Records.

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Last single "BRAINROTDESPERATION" is out on February 23rd, ONE week before the album releases.

Hammok made their international breakthrough with a powerful appearance at the showcase festival ESNS 2023, where they made the international music industry look like 20-year-olds at a Turnstile show.

With their Pitchfork-approved debut EP JUMPING/DANCING/FIGHTING in the pocket, and a long series of festival appearances under their belts, Hammok is ready to kick off the next chapter.

Hammok started the year with the driving and precise single "Seance," a masterclass in hardcore chorus flair and the freshest taste of the upcoming debut album. The song was accompanied by a chaotic and energetic music video filmed in the childhood home of vocalist Tobias Osland.

“Seance is a banger and also a burning example of how a cool video can enhance the impact of a song and a band as well. Their debut LP "Look how long lasting everything is moving forward for once" is out on the 1st of March. Guess I found my new favorite band!” -Borderline Fuckup

Hammok started work on their upcoming debut album in the middle of the summer in 2023. Vocalist and guitarist Tobias Maxwell Osland says the following about the recording process of the album:

“Zero respite, zero calm. The album is a collection of songs that convince you on all fronts all the time. If I think back to when we made the record, the only thing I remember is being in the band room with all the volume on full blast, the amps beeping and squeaking as soon as I didn't touch the strings and everything was pushed to the max. Everything is homemade, no one but us has touched the music before mixing and mastering. Every little thing is extremely consistent and the sound is uncompromising. This is the least filtered product we have ever made. The record has extremely little patience for nuance and interpretation. FUCK YOU AND FUCKING DIE, HYPOCRITE FUCKING DIE, longlasting/foreverlasting. Throw lots of paint on a wall and eventually it forms a picture".

Hammok formed during the pandemic in 2020. In 2022, the band was named “artist of the month” on NRK P3 with the song Perfectly Aware (2022) witch later led to a spot in the final, the same year. The band quickly followed up with their Pitchfork praised EP JUMPING/DANCING/FIGHTING. The young band has already managed to build up a solid live reputation with concerts such as Øyafestivalen, Best Kept Secret, Lokeerse Feesten, Valkhof, ArcTanGent, Core, Malakoff, Bukta etc. and also playing support for bands like Kvelertak, DITZ, Blood Command. Their concert at ESNS (Eurosonic Noordenslag) was voted "2nd best act" by 3voor12 and made a solid standpoint in front of the music industry. It is not an understatement to say that Hammok is one of the most exciting new bands the genre has to offer right now, not only in Norway, but also internationally.

“In just under 20 minutes, Hammok present their case for nihilism as peace of mind, letting searing guitars riffs and combative drumming replicate the sensation; the louder the wall of sound, the less there is to feel”. -Pitchfork

"Oslo post-hardcore band Hammok will release new album Look How Long Lasting Everything Is Moving Forward For Once on March 1 via Thirty Something Records, and here’s the hypnotic, abrasive new single “Seance.”" -Brooklyn Vegan

Hammok is Tobias Maxwell Osland (vocals, guitar), Ferdinand Aasheim (drums), Ole Benjamin Thomassen (bass).

Produced by Tobias Osland (Hammok, Sløtface)

Mix by Simen Følstad Nilsen (Aiming For Enrike, Sløtface, Embla and the Karidotters)

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audioseige


'look how long lasting everything is moving forward for once'


1. long lasting

2. Seance

3. Nothing's Never Better

4. Wannabe (Billboard No.1)

5. H.F.D


7. Opportunity Erased

8. Stair Through

9. Post Wannabe


11. Terror (forever lasting)

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