News Wire: Rome-based Modell blends elements of contemporary pop, electronica and neo-soul on new album, titled "Turning Point"

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Private promo stream: Rome-based Modell blends elements of contemporary pop, electronica and neo-s


Rome-based Modell blends elements of contemporary pop, electronica and neo-soul on new album, titled "Turning Point."

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Rome-based band Modell is back with a sonic explosion. Their new album, "Turning Point," blends contemporary pop, electronica, and neo-soul into a whirlwind journey that transcends space and time.

Following the success of their single "Reaching the Sky," the album delivers twelve tracks that pulsate with neo-soul grooves and electro-pop beats. Each song is expertly crafted, weaving in elements of travel, culture, and emotional connection.

Dive into a kaleidoscope of sound. Catchy melodies, walking basslines, dreamy funk-jazz guitars, and soulful vocals paint a vivid picture. Surprise rhythmic elements keep things fresh, while vibrant vocal harmonies and trumpets add depth and dimension.

This is more than just an album; it's an experience. Modell takes you on a voyage through their diverse influences, showcasing their artistic ingenuity and passion. Nicola Nolli, the band's founder, describes the album as a product of self-discovery and exploration, drawing from isolation and travel experiences to create a dialogue between emotions.

"Turning Point" is a collaborative effort. Nolli's production expertise and virtuosity on bass, synthesizers, and keyboards shine. Deborah Grandi's enchanting vocals captivate, while other talented musicians like Susanna Nolli, Simone Piccinelli, Davide Chiari, and Giuseppe Mondini add their unique touches.

Wind instruments by Paolo Malacarne and Samuele Pedrazzani further elevate the experience. Simone Piccinelli, Davide Chiari, and Gabriele Ponticiello ensure every sonic nuance is captured, while mixing and mastering by Piccinelli bring the album to life.

Modell's current lineup is a powerhouse of talent. Nicola Nolli, Daniele Bucci Modell, Rosario Moricca, Marco Palmisano, and Giorgia Pesare each bring their distinct styles to the table, creating a truly unforgettable sound.

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Track Listing:

1 My Jungle

2 Crashed

3 Nirvana

4 This Is My Place

5 Lost in Reverie

6 Scent of You

7 Outer Space

8 Inner Space

9 Just the Way You Are

10 Desire

11 Reaching the Sky

12 Into the Blue Light


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