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Seven years after their earthly arrival, The Sex Organs return to our planet with their second album offering, We're Fucked, set for release via Voodoo Rhythm Records in March. 
Artist: The Sex Organs
Album: We're Fucked
Release Date: March 15th
Format: Vinyl LP, CD, and Digital
Genre: Garage Punk
Origin: The Andromeda Galaxy
Members: Bone (guitars, vocals) & Jackie (aka Vagina Dentata - drums, vocals)
Label: Voodoo Rhythm Records

Who are these beings, and what nabbed your attention first? Is the record's reality hindering the title or the fact that the band comprises human genitalia on legs?

The appearance of The Sex Organs draws shock and awe for different reasons depending on what moral aisle you side with. However, their tact isn't geared towards any form of moral subversion (regardless of what Puritans think), they're here to educate and remind humanity that we have a libido, and we better damn well use it before it's too late! 
Click through for the "Nipple Twister" single.
A decade ago, The Sex Organs crash-landed on Planet Earth, and upon seeing the consequences of our dominating behaviors towards one another, the duo concluded that humankind's ongoing abhorrent behavior towards one another must be from varying degrees of self-inflicted sexual repressions. All in all, the duo believed we were not getting laid enough, whether by our own hand or the loving touch of another. Their debut album, Intergalactic Sex Tourists, sought to address remedies and de-stigmatization of one of our most natural instincts, and since coming back to see how the results of their pro-sex campaign have affected humanity, arrived back on Earth at a much unsexier time than when they last left.

Bone summarizes the record below.

"Well, We're Fucked is a double meaning, given the state of the planet, but also, it's fun getting fucked as a sex organ, you know? The overall message on this record is more of a reality check than the first one, showing how hard it is to save these humans from their pitiful state of being. The songs pretty much speak for themselves."

Recorded in Toulouse at Swampland Studios by madman engineer Lo Spider, The Sex Organs have entrusted their longtime propaganda outlet Voodoo Rhythm Records, to handle We're Fucked's release worldwide. Since forming, The Sex Organs continuous efforts in crediting an orgasm's healing power have brought their spaceship across Europe, the United Kingdom, and into Canada, with appearances at Azkena Rock Festival, Funtastic Dracula, Cosmic Trip, and Hipsville. 

Pre-orders for We're Fucked
    Vinyl - CD - Digital

    We're Fucked Tracklisting

    1." Let's Fuck Around"
    2. "Hair In My Mouth"
    3. "Sex Shop"
    4. "Where Is My Dildo"
    5. "Do It Yourself"
    6. "Vagina Dentata"
    7. "Nipple Twister"
    8. "Asshole"
    9. "Fuck All The Time"
    10. "Oxytocin"
    11. "Underpants"
    12. "We're Fucked"

    Upcoming Tour Dates
    March 15th - Museumnacht - Schule für Gestaltung (Bern, CH)
    April 17- La Torpille (Lyon, FR)
    April 18 - La Divine (Perpignan, FR)
    April 19 -  tbc - (Zaragoza, ESP)
    April 20 -  Bali R'N'R Show - (Benidorm, ESP)
    April 21. 16 Toneladas (Valencia, ESP)
    April 22 La Divergente (Toledo,ESP)
    April 23  Funhouse (Madrid, ESP)
    April 24. La Teteria (Ubeda, ESP)
    April 25 Velvet (Malaga, ESP)
    April 26 Planta Baja (Granada, ESP)
    April 27 Flamin-Go' ! (Almeria, ESP)
    April 28 Garaje Secreto (Alicante, ESP)
    April 30 Brin de Zinc (Barberaz, FR)
    May 1 - Rössli (Bern, CH)

    The Sex Organs are the logical and radical progression of the deviant’s fascination with sex. The difference is that they present you with the raw artifacts that one needs to bump uglies. It’s pure and unadulterated, ultimately showing what one has to contend with when getting down. (SLUG Magazine)

    There are at least three dozen reasons why their schtick just shouldn't work, but looking beyond the crassness and buried somewhere beneath the shock value, you'll find a raw-as-hell garage rock band actually worth listening to. (Real Gone Rocks)


    Photography by Patrick Principe.

    The Sex Organs Online


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