Oh Lonesome Ana Pushes New Single "Rushing Lattice" to Promote New Album MEG/\DETH TEE Out July 15th

Sacramento-based indie rock band Oh Lonesome Ana released a new single and video recently to help promote their new album MEG/\DETH TEE which is coming out on July 15th.

They recorded the video live, and the sound is really well done with a very cool, laid back feel to it. 

The song premiered on New Noise Magazine's website, and if you are a fan of bands like Pedro The Lion or The Shins, you might really like this band.

They bring back the sound of some bands that I grew up with like Blind Melon and the Black Crowes mixed with a bit of Wallflowers.

I recommend spending the next 5 minutes checking out the video below for "Rushing Lattice."

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