Pulley Rocks Hard and Sounds as Good as Ever on New Album The Golden Life

4.6 out of 5 stars

The Golden Life is a really, really good punk album. I don’t know why, but I sort of always forget about Pulley even though they have been around for years. It is kind of like how I never watch The Simpsons anymore even though it used to be one of my favorite shows. It’s still good. I just make more time for other stuff, I guess. 

This is definitely my loss, and I am glad that I dug into this album as it is an excellent example of what punk rock veterans are capable of - making great music that is as good today as it would have been in the 90’s. 

The title track “Golden Life” is probably my favorite song on the album as its themes about basically trading living a real human experience for our current situation. Singer Scott Radinsky says this about the song:

“[The song is about] Observing a generation of kids who have seemingly been robbed of an experience. Life without ease of access to good, and/or bad. Much of what they have seen in the world has been negative, unimaginable terrorist acts, war and violence, a division of people. In regards to music, our generation really had to earn it if we wanted to get a proper listen or visual. Technology, although having its good aspects, has removed an experience that offered a deeper appreciation of life.”

However, I pretty much think every song on this album is a full on banger, and the first song on the album, “Repeat Offender” rips right out of the gate like a first song should. 

Lonely” has probably one of the best melodies on the record as Radinsky really puts in the singing skills that makes it one of the best Pulley songs I have heard in a long time.

I also really like the final song on the album, "California." It seems like bands always make a song about California at some point, and for some reason, it is always a good song.

Overall, I really like this album, and it is definitely one of those albums that if you like Pennywise or Bad Religion, you are highly going to enjoy this album (that is, if you haven’t heard of Pulley by now).

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