Punk Rock Bowling Coming Back to Downtown Las Vegas Events Center for Memorial Day Weekend 2024 - Some Helpful Words About the Festival


LAS VEGAS, NV -- Punk Rock Bowling has announced another stellar lineup of headlining and support bands that span multiple generations and decades from the early 80's through to this decade.

A trio of headliners are once again reliant on the elder generation with 80's melodic skate punk legends Decendents, 80's electro-punk genre benders Devo, and Madness will also be headlining day 3 of the event.

If you are unfamiliar with their name, you have most certainly heard their most well-known single "Our House." While I have personally never thought of them as a punk band, they do have a punk sound at times, and from all I hear, they are a quirky live show that has a punk attitude.

There will be other punk staples like Billy Bragg, Lagwagon, Gogol Bordello, Subhumans and Madball out there to help round out the lineups with some young acts like Teen Mortgage, Destroy Boys, and up-and-coming punk/ska band Catbite spread across the festival.

There are also a couple of Las Vegas local bands playing the festival. Twist Off (formerly White Noise) is kicking off day 1 on the main stage, with Muertos Heist getting first dibs on day 2 on the street party stage.

If you aren't familiar with how Punk Rock Bowling works, well, it's a LOT to distill into one article, but basically, there is a 3-day punk festival that was built around a bowling tournament (you can enter to play alongside punk legends here) which then led to after-hour club shows popping up which are some of the best parts of the weekend, because you get to see some really awesome bands playing some very intimate settings.

The club shows sell out fast, and many of them are already sold out with over a month left before the festival kicks off, but if you like any of the bands playing at the club shows, I highly recommend you check them out.
Some personal favorite club shows that I would recommend include:

There are so many good shows, and if you can't make all 3 days of the festival, I highly recommend hitting your favorite day of the festival and pick 2 or 3 club shows to hit up afterwards as well.

Some words of advice to live by. It is HOT in Vegas at the end of May. Keep hydrated. Stay in the shade. Don't overdrink. 

Most of all, have a damn blast!

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