Punk Rock Bowling 2023 - From a Photographer's Perspective

All Photos and Write Up by David "Widgit" McMillan of Stoned Spider Photography

LAS VEGAS, NV - On memorial weekend 2023 Downtown Las Vegas was the place to be for those that like spiky hair,studded jackets, and aggressive music. That could only mean it was time for the annual Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival.

With multiple club shows, pool parties and other various goings on in the area there was for sure no shortage of things to do. With a wide variety of bands spanning the wide range of musical styles that encompasses the genre known as punk. Whether you’re hardcore or a 2-tone kid skanking in the pit there’s no denying the absolutely overwhelming energy of PRB.

Getting the chance to see some legends in the genre like Bad Religion, Rancid, GBH and The Exploited. At the same time being introduced to some young newer bands like Playboy Manbaby, End It, Madam Bombs and Las Vegas’ own The Dollheads was a real treat.

With club shows, pool parties and after parties there was an opportunity to see some bands more than once.

Not only was there good music and awesome live performances but also a wide variety of food vendors and other types of merch, from t-shirts and patches to records and skateboards. There were various artists showcasing their work in many forms, inspired by the music we love.

With club shows starting on Thursday night and events running well into the following Tuesday, PRB is 5 days of some of the best music, amazing events and performances, as we as thousands of the raddest people. It is definitely an experience I look forward to again in the years to come. Let's keep punk rock alive and hopefully keep events like PRB going to bring us all together in the name of PUNK. Up the punx!!

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