Punk Rock Bowling Strikes Again XXIV - 25 Years (Skipping 1 Year) of Punking Around In Downtown Las Vegas

All Photos and Write Up by David "Widgit" McMillan of Stoned Spider Photography

LAS VEGAS, NV -- This past Memorial weekend Las Vegas got invaded by spiky hair, studded jackets and some of the best music on the planet. That’s right, it’s once again the Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival.

With a plethora of club shows, pool parties and after parties, on top of the three day festival itself, there was so much to experience.

Great bands from Legendary headliners like The Descendents, Devo and Madness to some great local bands such as Twist Off and Muertos Heist.

With such a variety of bands, I would say there was something for everyone. The 2 stages and change overs made it easy to catch the bands playing throughout the day.

As a long time fan of a variety of punk over the years (I won’t say how many) I was excited to see some old favorites like Subhumans, Gorilla Biscuits, and Stiff Little Fingers alongside a lot of bands I’ve not heard before.

Bands like Doll Riot, Niis and Scowl, putting in solid performances made me an instant fan. Die Spitz, Cosmic Psychos and The Chats are a few of the bands I had heard before and yet had never seen live, so I was happy to see them on the bill.

Personally, I was most excited to see Gogol Bordello. They put on one of the best live shows; to just watch the movement and energy of the crowd during their set was mesmerizing and hypnotic. They, by far, took the show in my humble opinion. Their stage presence was hard to match.

Punk Rock Bowling is more than a music festival to me. It brings people together for the love of music and punk in all its various forms. Throughout the weekend, I was excited to see many familiar faces and friends and to make new friends. Punk Rock Bowling is an event where it doesn’t matter whether you’re into street punk, oi, ska or hardcore you will feel right at home.
In closing, I recommend attending The Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival to anyone with a love of good music, good people and good times. I can’t wait to see what epic lineup they put together for next year. I hope to see you all there!

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