Raised On TV, Nova Babies and Cromm Fallon and the P200 Live From The Red Dwarf in Las Vegas on 7/24/2022

LAS VEGAS, NV - Last night 3 very cool indie rock bands played together in front of about 50-60 patrons at The Red Dwarf Tiki Bar in Las Vegas.

It was a great way to celebrate a hot summer Sunday night in the Valley.

First on the bill was Vegas's own Cromm Fallon and The P200. This band has been off the radar a bit lately just due to the fact that lead singer Fallon had a child - and any parent will know just how time consuming that can be. Definitely a hindrance (in a good way??? ha ha) to making rock music and playing rock shows.

Anyway, the band - whose influences can be traced through bands like The Hives, The Vines, The Rolling Stones, and other English rock bands - showcased an absolutely stellar range of talent and tempo. I was immediately impressed.

My favorite song from them of the night was probably either "2689" or "Two Stroke Smoke." You definitely want to check them out. They also did a cover of Joy Division's "Warsaw."

Fallon did note afterwards that normally he is used to running around a bit more on stage, but the condensed size of the venue made that a bit difficult. That being said, the sound was great, the crowd was having fun, and the band put on a great performance.

Next up on the bill is one of favorite L.A. bands, and friends of the Powered By Rock team, Raised On TV. This literal band of brothers - Kacey Greenwood (drums) and Keaton Rogers (guitar, vocals) - rocked harder than I had ever seen them rock. 

They also got the crowd into the show as well with some on stage banter that worked really well.

Hell, they also gave us a shout out and dedicated their song "Helium" to me personally (because they are fucking rad dudes and know it is my favorite song of theirs)!

They played a few of their other hits like their song "Caroline" and "Big Sur (Up the Coast)", but they also played 3 songs off their forthcoming 4th album as well which is likely due out early next year as well - not that many people will notice what a "new" song is when they hadn't heard the band before, but just a little factoid for you.

Nova Babies headlined the show and closed out the night with some really rocking tunes. I had been listening to them on Spotify leading up to the show, and I thought initially that the band was a bit more shoegaze or laid back and mellow, but I think that's just how the recordings come out, because they put on a really rocking and uptempo show.


They had a great mix of uptempo songs mixed with melodic and melancholic lyrics to really set a great mood for their set.

A couple of their songs that I really enjoyed live were "MonoVision," "Thoughts and Prayers" and "Goodbye Blondie," if you want to check them out on streaming services, but I really liked their whole set. 

They also played "Lovesong" by The Cure as a cover that got some people up and dancing as well.

All 3 of these bands can rock like the pros, and I expect some bigger things from each band in the next year or two. Keep your eyes open for it.

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