Spanish Alt-Rockers Abermals Release New LP Reasons to Travel on Sell The Heart Records in U.S. - Out now!

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The 9-song release traverses a few rock genres from punk to alt-rock to psychedelic rock and more.

Abermals are Alberto Abad: Drums, Enrique Alarcon: Bass, Vocals, Chris Spath: Guitar, Vocals

Abermals is what happens when you put three people in a room that have played in too many bands, listened to too many records and have too much excess energy than is appropriate for their age. Kraut-infused indie punk with nods to Post-Hardcore and whatever else seems to fit.

Abermals formed in 2020 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain and include former members of 90s/00s Post-Hardcore/Screamo-Bands Tidal, Dog Day Afternoon and Hit The Robot.

They self-released their first album These Broken Bodies in 2021 and their sophomore album Reasons to Travel is out on CD, LP (preorder) and streaming on September 16 in a joint effort via Engineer Records (UK), Memento (Germany), Sell The Heart (US) and Runaway (Spain).

Go stream Reasons to Travel now:

Reasons to Travel is out now!

Sell The Hearts Records (U.S.)
Runaways Musica (Mallorca)

Engineer Records (U.K.)

Memento (Germany)

Track List for Reasons to Travel:

1. You

2. Amadeus

3. The End

4. Segunda Inspection

5. Belong

6. Tripping Out on LEDs

7. Never Done

8. Notice

9. Golden

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