St. Vincent's New Album Daddy's Home Is an Homage to 70's Rock

St. Vincent Daddy's Home Album Cover

4.2 out of 5 stars

The new album from St. Vincent called Daddy's Home is a pretty eclectic mix of classic rock sounds blended with the modern production and sound that make it stand out as an album that has a unique quality of its own.

I won't say that I loved the album, but I do love the fact that it didn't sound like every other album that a lot of bands put out. It's not laced with radio singles. It's not put together for the purpose of satisfying teenagers.

These are all great qualities, if you ask me.

I really liked the songs "Pay Your Way in Pain" and "Live In the Dream," but it could be because they are such familiar songs if you are a fan of classic rock tunes.

"Pay Your Way in Pain" sounds a LOT like David Bowie's "Fame" in parts, and "Live In the Dream" is very Pink Floyd-esque.

There are some decent songs on this album, but my only major issue with it is that too many songs are dragged out with incredibly slow tempos. Many of the songs end up sounding similar for this reason.

It works on some songs, but then on others I was thinking, "If this was 20 beats faster per minute, the song would be half the length and probably sound better."

The album name is a reference to the fact that the father of Annie Clark (St. Vincent's actual name) went to prison in 2010 for corporate fraud and money laundering, and he was recently released. Hence, the occasion of him being home.

Clark is absolutely a powerful guitarist and singer/songwriter. At times, it is evident that she is on top of her craft. Other times, it is hard to see what she is trying to achieve. It is art though, but as with all art, some things just don't jive with every listener.

I personally just thought it could use another up-tempo song on the album or a little more variation in the songs.

Check out the videos for "Pay Your Way In Pain" and "Down" below.


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